Sneak Peek: Lavender Sachet Sets

lavender sachet sets


Sneak Peek: Lavender Sachets Sets — tied up with vintage lace ribbon. 

I’ll be listing lavender sachet sets all week  – along with coordinating buckwheat hull pillows and a few very special flax seed and linen eye pillows. 


Lavender Sachets: Small Holiday Gifts

lavender sachets

 A vintage mother of pearl accents this charming lavender sachet set. 


Lavender Sachets make great gifts! 

This week I’ve been working on adding lavender sachets to Mireio. Lavender sachets make lovely gifts — and I want to make sure there are plenty to choose from for the holidays. Right now, I’m adding these amazing “mini” sachets — at “mini” prices to boot. This lavender sachet set features a stunning vintage Mother of Pearl Button and a tiny embroidered pagoda. Made with fragrant lavender — these sachets are backed in vintage Brunschwig and Fils cotton. 




Or you can choose this charming set of vintage feedback sachets. Five tiny, but powerful, sachets created from vintage textiles in a gorgeous indigo palette.  Mireio sachets are always filled with the most fragrant lavender from Provence. 

I’ll be adding tiny sachets all week –so check back for even more new items.

Mark your calendar: Later next week there will be new standard sized sachets, just in time for the holidays. 


Organic Laundry: Lavender Dryer Sachets

lavender dryer sachets


Organic Laundry: Lavender Dryer Sachets

I’m so excited to be shipping off these amazing lavender dryer sachets to a new customer today. Made from vintage sheets and fragrant lavender from Provence, each of these sachets will gently scent your laundry for at least 20 loads. Just give your lavender sachet a gentle squeeze between each load and experience the luxury of softly scented laundry. 

You can find these amazing lavender dryer sachets at Mireio. 

So Many Options



My neighbor just brought us these gorgeous apples from her tree. Now the only question is: what should I bake? 

Happy Fall



Happy Fall… today dawned covered in grey with our first blow forecasted for this evening. It seems like the perfect entry for a change in seasons. And, for the first time in 10 years, I am ready to leave summer behind me. Come on all things pumpkin, cosy sweaters, and fires in the fireplace. 

Oh and a pumpkin spice candle! Yummy! 

What do you love about the season? 



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