Back In Stock: Balsam Acorn Sachets

Balsam Acorn Sachets


Just in time for the season: Balsam Acorn Sachets. Back in stock. These are made to order from a lovely selection of Vintage Fabric. 


Fresh Vintage: Monkey Pod and Mid Century Linens

Fresh Vintage: Monkey Pod and Mid Century Linens


Fresh Vintage!

I hope you had an amazing weekend. Mireio certainly did. There’s a fresh batch of vintage that’s just been added to the store. Lots of mid century Monkey Pod bowls and vintage linens to be found. Hurry, it’s all one of a kind and you’ll want first dibs!


Vintage Camisole: Pacific Sunset Ombre


How can you not be inspired by such loveliness? 

It’s been a bit quiet here at Mireio–the end of August is so chock-full. It’s hard not to try to cram in as much “Summer” as possible, right?

Now that it is September, I should be in my studio more often. And I’m slowly ramping up production of fall and winter inspired items. But… not just yet. There’s a wee bit of Summer left to be had, like this amazing vintage camisole that was just listed in Mireio. 



Inspired by the beautiful sunsets we’ve been having, this stunning vintage camisole features an asymmetrical ombre in coral, melon pink, and purple. 

One of a kind–this vintage camisole is the perfect layering piece as you head into fall. Still pretty enough to wear on its own, but it also makes a fabulous layering piece with your favorite cardigan. 

You’ll find this vintage camisole, along with many other hand dyed vintage slips at Mireio


WIP: Vintage Lace + Found Objects



WIP: What I’m working on this week– Vintage Lace + Found Objects.  Oh, and a few good words too. 

I collect little bits–hoard them really. Tiny scraps of fabric or lace or little found treasures. This week, I’ve been creating these adorable… I’m not sure what to call them! But aren’t they amazing? I love being able to find a use for these tiny treasures.

The words are cut from an antique book I have of poetry and plays–It’s been so much fun hunting down just the right phrase or word.

I have just a few tiny tweaks to make before I list them: but I’m hoping by this weekend. 

What have you been working on? 


Vintage Roses Collection: Buckwheat Hull and Lavender Pillows

Vintage Roses Buckwheat Hull Pillows


Just In: Vintage Roses Collection.  Buckwheat Hull and Lavender Pillows  in Vintage Textiles. 


Swooning over these adorable vintage linen pillows. Made from up-cycled vintage linens, each buckwheat and lavender pillow features a charming cottage roses print. Available in:

Filled with Mireio’s signature blend of buckwheat hulls and fragrant lavender from Provence*. These travel pillows let you travel in comfort and style. They’re absolutely soothing to use, insuring you’ll arrive at your destination well rested and ready for adventure. 

To find  other Mireio Travel Pretty Buckwheat Hull Pillows click here. 

*Also available in with a Buckwheat Hull Only insert. 





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