An Interview with Illustrator Lisa Kaser — Plus a GIVEAWAY!


The fabulous work of Lisa Kaser

Recently, I featured the fabulous work of Lisa Kaser as part of The Best of Etsy—but I adore her whimsical work so much I asked her if she’d be up for an interview as well. She not only agreed but she’s also genersouly offered some REALLY great deals to Mireio readers—which you’ll find out after you read her fantastic interview!


Respite Under a Wild Umbrella

The Interview:

So, Lisa, tell me a little bit about the process you use to make your prints. Do you have a preferred method?

Recycled kraft paper,water color, ink and collage are my preferred materials and process. I discovered a few years ago that my best drawings were in my sketchbooks, so I started applying washes and ink to my sketches, then I would scan them and print them on a heavy weight archival paper and cut them out. I draw pretty much constantly as well as write so I had this great ready resource of characters and ideas to utilize. I would have all these heads miscellaneous components and then I would reassemble them into little scenarios or just a character study on a taupe colored heavy cotton pulp paper. I then paint and ink directly onto this paper and finish with a title.

Each piece seems to tell a story, what inspires the narratives of your work?

I think I am an old world reincarnate because I love quaint adages and euphemisms-I find words themselves really interesting and a potent source for creativity, so combining writing with my images came naturally and developed into an essential part of each piece. I am inspired by simple quests and gestures of goodness and I also find humor a great vehicle to communicate a sentiment. Being alive inspires me!

Your work is filled with such whimsy and I’m wondering if you experience that kind of whimsy in everyday life–where and how so?

Even during enormous times of despair I never lose sight of how beautiful the world can be and all the wonderful experiences there are to be had. So, I see a lot of magic everywhere, everyday which makes me smile and I think it is important to perpetuate that attitude. The older I get, the more I learn how to pay attention, and that is where the treasures are. Becoming aware of the details, the oddities and peculiarities of what surrounds us and our own behaviours and loving it all.


And if you had to go to lunch with any one of your characters, which one would it be and why? Or put another way—if there was an illustration you could inhabit, which one would it be?

Well, I love to cook and eat interesting food in combination with being with friends and family especially experienced out of doors, so, “Tuesdays Were Reserved for Sharing Recipes” is an example of a perfect scenario and one that I would love to step into!


He Flies Purely for Pleasure

The Discount:

If you love Lisa’s work like I do, this is your moment! Lisa is offering free shipping on any purchase of a print in her store. PLUS! If you purchase more than one, your second print (same or lesser value) is 50% off! What are you waiting for? Go find something you adore! Just mention “mireio” in the notes to seller, and Lisa will happily refund your paypal account with your discount. (Offer good through August 31)

The Giveaway:

And while you’re browsing in Lisa’s store, take note of something you adore. Then, come back here to leave a comment with the title of your favorite and WHY you adore it for a chance to win a FREE 11 x 14 print of your choice! You heard me—it’s a giveaway! So, go look around and come back to enter. The giveaway will close on Sunday, August 30th and the winner will be selected via a random drawing and announced next Monday! Go, go, go!

I want to thank Lisa, for her time and her generosity. I think you’ll all agree, her work is really quite wonderful!

15 Responses to An Interview with Illustrator Lisa Kaser — Plus a GIVEAWAY!

  • Melanie says:

    I love “Wild Huckleberry Juice Down by the River”. Quiet, simple pleasure. Gorgeous art all around.

  • Suzy says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring interview!

    I just love “Sailing Away”! It’s quite intriguing.

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  • love love LOVE!

  • yael says:

    Hi!!!! You know I just adore her style!!!
    But specially, this one: I will cook for you

    It’s gorgeous!!!!!
    Its colors and the only one character standing in the middle of the print… I don’t know why… it’s hard to explain… I haven’t got the words… it is a feeling… I suppose it is like forgetting, loosing who you are but at the same time, something makes you whole… it is like the best music playing in your ear, and I’m listening… and then I despair… (from Elton John’s song)

  • julz says:

    Beautiful & unique! “Jules place is too small for potluck” is my favorite! it’s hard to choose, but i love the title and in the art all of the characters standing outside of the little house some with their cups on their heads 😉 it tells a lovely story.

  • Susan G.L. says:

    Love Gathers At A Glance. I really like the expressions and postures of the little creatures.

  • Elena says:

    What fun! I like “I’m just so fond of you” 🙂

  • Maggie says:

    I love “Old Friend Found,” because the accordion is a wonderful friend, and gets abandoned because people don’t think it’s cool, but I’m glad it was found and befriended again! <3

  • Karan says:

    I really like “Taking In Every Bit Of The Moment Together”…it captures the whimsy in a great relationship!

  • Susannah says:

    ‘Hand In Hand’ is my favorite one from her shop! This particular piece touched my heart! It spoke to me of tradition and passing on the values each family holds…of men teaching boys…My 5 year old son has been trying to understand the death of his great grandfather which has been the topic of much discussion lately. This is just so sweet~

    Thank you!

  • NB says:

    Kindergarten Round-up is so adorable!

  • Sanni says:

    I’m having a hard time picking just one favourite… You can’t possibly look at these characters and not smile.

    I think I like this one the most:
    “He Knew How Much She Loved Those Slippers”

    I’m all about pretty socks and shoes! Couldn’t be with a guy who wouldn’t take a risk to save my favourite red slippers. 😉

  • Jen Chandler says:

    What a fabulous artist!

    I’m so glad to have discovered her.

    It’s hard to whittle it down to just 1 choice… I’m drawn to many, especially the wonderful expressions (in the faces and the bodies). There’s so much movement in these illustrations.

    I really like “I’m Just so Fond of you”… how sweet. It reminds me of my partner, he’s much taller than me – when we’re walking fast, it’s really hard to keep up with him 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    JEN dot S dot Chandler AT gmail DOT com

  • Aik says:

    I like the “I’m Just so Fond of you”. How cute!

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