Spontaneous Generosity

I’m inspired by Spontaneous Generosity! What inspires you?

Recently, while drooling over someone’s link to very yummy yarn I tweeted, “Ok, somebody needs to buy that and make me scarf already.” I don’t knit or crochet, but I admire those who do—and all that gorgeous fiber they get to use in their creations. It’s all so utterly gorgeous.

I had NO idea at the time, that my little joke would actually inspire a bit of Spontaneous Generosity embodied by the lovely, lovely Rachel Ballard. Having seen my tweet (boy am I going to be more careful about what I say!) she set to work on making me this amazing skinny scarf in the most luxurious fiber: bamboo. And while it’s so wonderful and lovely (there’s a photo of me wearing it below the fold),  what inspires me most is her act of generosity. We are “Twitter friends” but have not known each other all that long, and it’s such a risk to make something in those circumstances. She completely nailed it—both in color and intent!

I’m deeply touched and honored—and it’s totally inspired me to do likewise. Thank you, thank you, Darling Rachel. I’m already working on ways to pay it forward!

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