The Best of Etsy — Mama Needs a New Bag

Mother’s Day is coming up, and this particular Mama could use a new bag. Something luscious and lovely and utterly handmade. Bet your Mama would like one too!

The Best of Etsy — The Mama Needs a New Bag List

I’m loving the soft texture of this La Touchable bag. Gently embroidered with a stunning button close. It’s plum perfect, no?

I’m thinking of all the ways I could use this silk Clutch by Julia Sherry Designs. You might be here awhile, because I’m still counting. . .


This large hobo by Patkas is divine. The color, the texture, the size. . .  Perfect!

And who knows, maybe if you splurge on Mom she’ll let you borrow her new bag once in awhile? Just a thought!

Do you have a favorite “it” bag for this spring? Something just perfectly you? Share a link in the comments!!

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