Why I Love: Horticopia

Fresh Meyer Lemons from Horticopia

As some of you may know, I’m a Californian living in what I like to call “the edge of the world.” In reality, it’s the north coast of Oregon—a windy, grey, blustery, and more-often-than-not raining kind of place. It’s beautiful, in that wind-swept kind of way. But, I miss my sunny roots and the horticulture that defines Cali. Palm trees and lemons, jasmine and bougainvillea, and lots and lots of gorgeous succulents to boot! I mean, come one, what’s not to love about Agave?

So, enter Horticopia. A fabulous store that offers a little taste of all those things I’m missing. I recently ordered some Meyer Lemons and was completely transported south! They arrived quickly, fresh from the field, completely organic, and ready to be devoured! A tiny taste treat for my sun starved senses: a taste of HOME. And that’s why I love Horticopia!

Make sure you check out her other listings. Horticopia sells a large selection of wonderful plants just perfect for your indoor garden or terrarium.

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