A Dearth of Pink

We’re remedying that immediately! New pink items just in at Mireio.


I noticed a few weeks ago, that there wasn’t enough pink at Mireio. Especially in the buckwheat pillow category. So, I’ve added a few new pink prints to help solve that! This new pillow is in a Kaffe Fassett print called “Russian Roses” and it’s sublime! If sachets are more your thing, I’ve also added lavender sachets in this lovely fabric. The sachets are sold in a set of three and accented with tiny Matryoshka beads.

And I have one last Liberty of London Pillow in Black Peacock. I’m not sure when or if I’ll be getting more of that fabric in, so if you love it, claim it!

One Response to A Dearth of Pink

  • PINK!!!!! I use one of your buckwheat pillows everyday. They make the BEST supports for a Kindle when you are reading in bed. Pink only makes them better!

    I knew you would approve. I’m so glad you’re still using your pillow!! Yay!! ~W

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