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New Shipping Pricing on Mireio Candles! Effective 4/13/2011


Yesterday was a lovely day! Mireio was featured on Handmade Spark in an article written by Sheila of SylishHome. (Which is a wonderful site, I especially love their fabric choices! I keep eyeing the Paisley Collection Lozange Mint. . . ) It’s a wonderful feature and I think Sheila did an amazing job capturing Mireio in print. Please go read and leave a comment!

As well, I spent most of yesterday adjusting shipping prices on single candles (multiple orders still receive a discount) at Mireio. That’s right! I’ve found a lighter way to ship and am passing the savings on to you! Any time you can save money, it’s good news! Mireio candles are still handcrafted from eco-friendly ingredients in luxury fragrances; still beautifully packaged and promptly shipped—but now at a significant cost savings to you!

I love good news, don’t you?

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