Big Birthday Surprise

Miss Sophie has a secret. . . and she can’t wait to let you in on Mireio’s Big Surprise.


Big Birthday. . . Big Surprise:

Friday is my birthday! A very big birthday. And I’m so excited to share it with you. I’ve decided to offer a VERY special listing in Mireio in celebration of turning. . . wait for it. . . FORTY-TWO! 

Back in the day, when I was in my early 30’s people constantly would ask, “How old are you?” And, because I think it ever so rude to ask a lady her age, I would reply, “Oh, I’m 42!”  I figured, if you asked a rude question it was ok for me to fib a bit. Or a lot, as the case might be! And it worked. I discovered that if you’re going to lie about your age then lie up. People are always amazed at how GREAT you look for your age.

Well, the time has come. . . finally. After years of “being 42” I’m officially “TURNING”42 on Friday. And I’ve decided it’s the perfect age and I’ll just stay 42 forever. I’ve also decided to give a REALLY big discount on something special on my big day. You’re going to have to wait until Friday for all the details. But do check back, because my big surprise will be limited and on a first come basis. 

Are you excited? I am!! 

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