Have an Awesome Weekend

This is Murphy. . . The awwww quotient on this blog just skyrocketed.


Isn’t he adorable? A customer sent me a tweet last night that said, “Someone looks comfortable on my Wende pillow.” I thought Murphy would be a nice way to wrap up the week and wish you a Happy Friday!  Have an “Awe” filled weekend, friends. See you on Monday. (when, rumor has it, I take a step closer to redeeming the much maligned beet.) 

2 Responses to Have an Awesome Weekend

  • We are taking a little mini vacation to the Columbia river this weekend, and perfect timing too since the sun finally decided to shine!

    Catch you next week miss, have a great weekend to you too! 🙂

    • Wende says:

      Have fun, Janell. The weather is PERFECTION here, I can’t imagine how nice it must be for you!! And I hope you’ll post photos of your trip!

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