How Bazaar

Nutella Shortbread for this year’s Christmas Bazaar at our Church.  


If I’d known that I’d be administrating email password resets for hundreds of customers this week, I don’t think I would have said yes to baking  cookies for the annual Christmas Bazaar at church. 

Want to make people angry? Ask them to upgrade their email passwords and then tell them they can’t use their name or their domain name in their password. It’s a guaranteed head spinner.

But I did say yes. Yes to 6 dozen cookies and by gum, I’m a girl of my word. Even if my word is “by gum”–and that’s really a phrase. 

Of course, one might arch a well groomed eyebrow or not at my choice to try a completely new recipe when a standby would be quicker. Saner. Safer. However, I felt a bit challenged. When I asked what kind of cookie was desired, I was told, “Oh, you can make chocolate chip.”

I wasn’t sure if that was a “Oh you can make chocolate chip because  clearly you’re the type to go buy chocolate chip cookie dough, but we’re not picky.” Most likely, it was a completely innocent request. But I’m suspicious and paranoid. People, I work in Customer Service. Trust nobody.

Anyhow, so I have all this Nutella sitting around in my pantry and I tried to convince IZ that I should just make Nutella crack. Easy ingredients? Check! Easy recipe. Check! Not a chocolate chip cookie. Check!

Iz was not impressed. Didn’t you say you’d bake? Aren’t those just refrigerator cookies? Those aren’t exactly holiday cookies. 

Uncheck, uncheck, uncheck. 

So, I found a new recipe using the Nutella because I’m obstinate. A baking recipe. This recipe, in fact.  I made a few changes. And Jesus was clearly baking with me, because I needed 72 cookies, the recipe said it only made 44, and I ended up with 74. I feel completely vindicated.

Holiday Sprinkles make everything better. 

But, just so I didn’t blow my not-Martha cover, I lined propel water and v-8 juice can boxes with tin-foil and used those to deliver the miracle cookies. 

And now I’m going back to updating passwords. My life is so glamourous. You wish you were me. 

7 Responses to How Bazaar

  • Margaret says:

    Those look WONDERFUL! I’m a huge Nutella fan. Way to go!

    • Wende says:

      I’m taking IZ and G’s word for it… they said they’re super yummy. The recipe made just what I needed, so I opted to not make a second batch just yet. Tho, IZ made me promise to make them at the holidays. The regular recipe calls for salt on top, but since I was out, I used holiday sprinkles. I wasn’t kidding when I said I put those things on everything!

  • IZ says:

    These are as yummy as they look. I even enjoyed the sprinkles and I’m not normally a fan of those. I was both sad / glad that you didn’t make any more. Sad because my inner Cookie Monster was saying nom, nom, nom, MORE! but glad because I don’t think they are on the list of “10 fast ways to a svelter you”…

  • Julia says:

    So yummy and festive! I need to make these for the holidays. Thanks for sharing. I am always on the lookout for a new cookie recipe.

  • I wish I had time to bake cookies! I can attest to that! 🙂

    And I think your sprinkles made them perfectly festive… go you. 😉

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