Aunting is Awesome

“Aunting is Awesome”— a friend on twitter used that phrase, and I’m totally stealing it! 


Geo and I are getting ready for our Mother Son camping trip today. And after picking up a few camping supplies at Freddy’s we wandered into the toy aisle, which is conveniently located right next to the sporting goods department. Um, holy cow, baby toys have changed! I mean, baby cell phones? I don’t even have a cell phone! (Ok, in fairness, that’s me just being stubborn) After some deliberation (read: Playing with everyting we could!) we finally decided we had to buy this for his baby cousin. Because, you know, it makes noise. And is a camera. And so darn cute. 

IZ’s first response was, “Well, at least it has an off switch.” Yeah, I don’t think he’s getting this concept. He’s still thinking like a dad. Noisy toys are bad. Noisy toys are a nuisances. Noisy toys take batteries, which eventually die and must be replaced, typically while a small child is screaming his fool head off.  That’s all true when it’s your kid and your menagerie of talking toys. It’s delightfully not so when the child belongs to someone else. Embrace the noise, IZ. Besides, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins are supposed to send noisy toys. It’s in the rules.

Don’t be a rule breaker, IZ. 

3 Responses to Aunting is Awesome

  • CitricSugar says:

    That’s so cute! My nephew has a wide array of noise-making toys, and I am the first one to locate the off switch. It’s not for when he’s actively playing with it but for when I accidentally kick it during nap time or after he’s gone to bed or whatnot, because when you finally get that silence, an off-switch is magic. Also, off-switches preserve battery life, and really fun to watch when the little folks figure out what they do….

    Have a blast camping!

  • IZ says:

    I’m trying to be a good Uncle to the parents of said child. 😉 All rules are off when it comes to grand-babies though. 😀

  • Margaret says:

    Wow–that’s a cool toy. The most annoying noisy toy that anyone every gave my children was a popcorn popper. TERRIBLE!

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