Where I’m Confounded by Sunlight

Isn’t this coral peony pretty… and I predict destined for my yard. You know, if I ever get the back-yard dug out properly. 


IZ, bless his hard-working soul, decided to take a break from work on Friday and head into Portland for a little impromptu anniversary celebration. Along the way, we stopped at “Mind Your Ps and Qs” Peony farm in Rainier to take in the farm in its full glory. Everything was blooming and the day was perfect. Warm and sunny and completely confounding. I don’t think one photo I took that day turned out. It’s all an over-exposed mess. 

But I’m going to put up these photos just the same, because the farm is really priceless. And it was such a lovely gesture from IZ, to take me to a flower garden… I loved just being there! I have lots of (questionable) photos, so I’m going to tuck them under the fold. Venture forth! 


Baby Alpaca… um… I’ll take one, please!


This photo is going to win awards. Ha! 


We brought Miss Sophie along for the ride and dang if that dog didn’t lose her cool when she spotted the Alpaca. There was parking in front of their enclosure and she was throwing herself against the window to get out. Fortunately, the farm had annex parking and IZ moved the car and our psychotic dog. Sophie settled down for a nap and we enjoyed the flowers for a bit. But honestly bad form, Sophie. Bad form. 


 I cannot explain how beautiful everything smelled! 



How adorable is their farm? The owners have scattered benches in scenic spots around the farm. And the bird life was amazing. 


My adorable teenager. Who graciously poses for his mother.



I loved all the vintage farm equipment scattered about. This carriage was beautifully covered with lichens. 


I swear I didn’t dress them. IZ’s shirt is actually blue, but the light was just outrageous that day. And let’s face it, I only know how to take photos in the grey. 


I love this kid!


I have NO idea what’s going on with my top  in this photo?! Uniboob much? But IZ looks fabulous, so I’m including it. 


 Only blooming in June, peonies are an obsession. But, they’re worth the wait! 


 I didn’t capture this well, but this peony is NEON pink… NEON! Swoon! (Eventide)


We fell in love with all the coral choices. This one is called Coral Supreme and the blossoms are huge! 


You can buy individual blooms for just $1.50 each! These are so sweetly arranged in glass milk bottles. 


Proprietors, Mike and Nancy  Thomas welcome you to their lovely Peony farm. Mind Your Ps and Qs is located at 73451 Fern Hill Road, Rainier, Oregon. Take Highway 30 into Rainier and follow the signs. Open Thursday – Sunday  10 am – 6 pm in June.  You can order your tubers in June and pick up in September. Mike and Nancy don’t cut their root stock, so your plant will be beautiful the first year out!  

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