Because Everyone Needs a Pencil Case


New! Fabulous Back to School Pencil Case (I won’t tell if you use it for your cosmetics and are no longer in school!). 


It’s August. How did that happen? We’ve been inundated with back to school promotional ads for weeks now (do kids ever get a summer?) and our own son has been busy prepping for his first classes in college. It seems like you just can’t escape the back-to-school fever. 

I’m not ready for summer to be over. I feel like it just began! But, it’s inevitable. And you can feel the change in the weather here. While sunny and warmer, the air is crisper. The blackberries are ripening and the leaves are starting to suggest they won’t be all glossy green forever. We’re getting out to walk as much as possible: and when I’m not out soaking up this amazing weather, I’m in the studio. 

Lately, I’ve been working with some very “Boho” fabric: it’s a bit of a change for me, I think. But I love these bits of vintage and it’s certainly colorful to be creating with them. So, for the next few days I’ll be listing some Boho chic items in the store.

First up is this Back-to-School, Boho inspired pencil case. It’s really adorable, and I’ll be honest, I can’t decide which “side” I like better. Either way, it’s really a wonderful little bag. And as the caption suggests, I promise not to tell if you’ve long had your diploma and you decide it’s just for you. But, wouldn’t it make a fun back-to-school gift? Maybe fill it with a few pencils and a Starbuck’s Gift Card? It might take the edge off of Summer ending! 

So, stay tuned. There’s more Boho Magic coming this week. And then later in this month: ipad cases! 


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