Dreaming Big on Small Business Saturday

valentinefabricSneak Peek: Fabulous Mid-Centruy fabric I found yesterday… Hello Valentine’s Day!

I know, I know, it’s too early to be thinking Valentine’s Day. And as a person in the world, just setting up her tree: I totally agree. As a person who makes things that need to listed: well, this is my moment. 

But I’ll confess, Valentine’s was barely on mind when I noticed this fabric in a local vintage mall. (Fortunately, something “clicked” and I scooped it up.) I wasn’t scouting fabric yesterday, I was scouting locations!

Right now, Phog Bounders is full — but I did put my name on a waiting list.  I’m excited about the possibility and am working on my plans for the space so that I’m ready to GO the minute I get the call. 

It’s an exciting first step. I’ve wanted a retail space for as long as I can remember. Starting with a small space in a vintage mall seems like a great way to start . . . and see where the dream takes me. You never know, right? 

Dream big, folks. Dream big. But take measurable steps toward those goals. You know, a toe on the ground, so to speak.

Anyhow, speaking of dreaming big: I hope you are for the holidays.  And to help you give lots of love this season,  there is a BIG sale going on at Mireio via a coupon. You just have to use code: holidays13 to get 25% off of your entire purchase. And as always, everything at Mireio “travels pretty” — your gift will arrive beautifully packaged just waiting for you to give… or OPEN! 

**Today is Small Business Saturday, your purchases at small businesses helps them to reach their dreams! In Mireio’s case, these are our dreams! 



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