downtownsunnydayI know I promised a mini-shop update (of pretty pretty vintage!) yesterday, but we received a call–completely out of the blue–from a friend of IZ’s we hadn’t seen in 13 years! He was passing through town on a trip with his 13 year old son. So, of course we stopped what we were doing and played tour guide! 

As you can see, it was the perfect day to do it! The weather was glorious! We had an amazing lunch at the Urban cafe (sorry, no photos) and an afternoon coffee at Street 14 .


We spent the afternoon walking around town, catching up. While IZ and his friend stayed busy summing up what they’d been doing for the past decade, I spent the day with a FABULOUS 13 year old. We clicked and had so much fun, I wanted to keep him at the end of the day!

All this playing hooky means I didn’t exactly work on the shop update. Totally worth it. And I think these cute vintage items are worth the wait too! 



These will be in the store shortly!  NOW

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