Good Morning Beautiful



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Every morning. He greets me with a mocha and says, “Good morning Beautiful.” Which is as romantic as it is ridiculous. You’re never going to get the “just awake” photo from me, (vanity vanity) but trust me: I don’t match the description! 

And it seems like such a small thing. But I can’t think without my coffee, and he knows. Waking me up has become his ritual — and it’s stunning to me, that after 24 years, he’s still bringing me coffee — still calling me beautiful. Still making me feel beautiful. 

These small moments, these faithfully held traditions hold us together in ways that mark us, MAKE us “us”. 

What holds you together? What is your romantic glue? 



2 Responses to Good Morning Beautiful

  • Julia says:

    Oh, how sweet! My husband makes decaf coffee for me every morning, thank goodnes as I am not a morning person! I love your new profile photo. You look beautiful!

  • Wende says:

    Julia, mine is decaf too! 😀 It’s so lovely to have someone “wake up” for you, right?

    And thank you. That was my 44th Birthday photo. 😀 The past few years I’ve been taking a selfie every birthday — I’m not sure WHY we stop taking birthday photos. But it’s fun to look back and I want the photo on all my social media profiles to be up-to-date: wrinkles and all. 😀

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