Romancing Your Day

Periwinkle Vintage Slip

Gorgeous Periwinkle Vintage Slip (M) at Mireio

I’ve added a some new slips and camisoles to Mireio. Lately, I’ve been enchanted by the blues of this month. Soft amethysts and periwinkles  and indigoes –they speak to me.  And they’re such soothing colors after the reign of red and pink of the past few weeks. 

I’m hoping to add more camisoles soon, simply because they’re so versatile. Layer them with cardigans and jeans and any day can turn into a date night! They’re just so romantic. 

vintage camisole

Ooh la la, 1970’s disco chic vintage camisole in dark purple. I can just see this paired with skinny jeans and large gold hoop earrings! 

Vintage slips really are versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe. They’re fabulous for a romantic getaway, easily tossed into an overnight bag. But they make terrific day pieces, everyday romance pieces too! Jennifer Valentine, of Sacred Cake, wears hers with leggings and a cute thrifted jacket! 


 Lovely in amethyst: the color of February: a stunning vintage slip with a handmade peony pin. 

Speaking of everyday romance, I love this video done by UC Berkeley on the secrets to lasting love. “Consider every day an anniversary day.” I couldn’t agree more! A little romance each day really can lead to lasting love!

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