January: Endeavor



In 2015 I’m endeavoring to drink more water* and be more creative!


I think we should just rename January to Endeavor. It’s the month we reset our calendars and our priorities. Out with the cookies, in with the protein shakes. It’s all about being new, starting fresh. And who doesn’t like a do-over–even if it requires a little endeavoring? 

It’s taken a full week of this new year for me to get to “endeavoring”. But here I am, finally. And the first thing up is a fresh start for Mireio’s Instagram account. I realized upon reviewing my activity over the past few months that I really use Instagram as a way to document my personal life and that I rarely, if ever, post about Mireio.  That needs to change! But rather than inundating those people who have followed me for those personal posts, I have renamed the account and made it private. If you want to follow my private account you can reach me at: @wendemireille.

My NEW insta for Mireio is @mireiodesigns — and I hope you’ll choose to follow me there as well. My new tagline is “Living and creating in Astoria” and I’ll be sharing my creative endeavors (both Mireio and around this old farm house) as well as bits of this sweet town. 

So, to review — or in case you didn’t want to read all of that up there — 

To follow my personal insta: @wendemireille

To follow Mireio’s insta: @mireiodesigns

Whew! I’m tired.  What are you endeavoring to do for your creative life this year? 

*The bottle was a late Christmas gift to myself. I finally bought a BKR bottle and I have to tell you, it’s worth the investment. I love, love the size — especially the opening size as it feel a lot like drinking from a plastic water bottle, except without the chemicals and waste.  And BONUS: it’s really pretty! 

The watercolors were a gift from my son. I’m super excited to learn — part of being more creative this year.

Trying things that scare you is a GREAT way to GROW. 

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