My Life

A Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Date Night with IZ. Flowers for the table. Not sure how much longer dahlias will be available. But overjoyed to have some on the table tonight. 


Dining al fresco. And, shut the front door, I made all that food. No, really, shut the door, it’s buggy out. 


This guy is my date. I can tell you, that after 22 years, he’s still the man I want to spend time with. . . as much as possible, in fact. He’s that rare blend of amazing listener and fabulous conversationalist. No, I’m not biased. Everyone thinks that. 


On the menu: Grilled Chicken with Peaches and Blackberries. The recipe is here: I subbed out Rosemary for Lavender. 


Peach, Bourbon, and Rosemary are amazing together. No really, such a pretty drink. I didn’t garnish with Rosemary, because, well, I didn’t. But it’s still just as lovely.  Sitting on the porch on such a warm night, close my eyes and we’re transported south. Dreaming together is a good thing. 


Warning: the drinks might make you flirty. 


We should do this more often? We should do this more often! (and that folks, is a recipe for a happy marriage.) 

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard. . . 


This has become my little sanity ritual. Stopping by the neighborhood dahlia stand and buying a bunch of flowers each week. It’s hard to buy just one bunch, they’re all so pretty. But $4 of dahlias goes a long way.

To say it’s been nutty here is an understatement. Along with the new job, I’ve taken on some ministerial tasks with the kids in my church. Fun work. Exhausting work. It doesn’t leave much time to focus on Mireio or the house. So, once a week, I stop to buy dahlias and deep clean our house.  I dream of getting things painted. . . but for the moment, it’s just a dream. 


The new butcher block is starting to age nicely… Now if I could just learn to take photographs in my kitchen. 


I’ve not given up on Mireio, however. Just today I ordered new fabric for fall pillows, in a color palette that reminds me a bit of all these pretty flowers. Lots pretty coming your way. In time. It was unrealistic to think that I’d be able to juggle it all immediately. But I can see a pattern emerging and I am hopeful I’ll find studio time starting in September.

It’s not the August I imagined, but it’s the one I have. And it’s amazing what a difference a $4 bunch of dahlias can make. 


Until the Ferry Arrives



Ok, so I might have been a bit optimistic with my blogging timeline. My hope is start blogging 2 times a week. I’d imagined Monday and Thursday, but I’ve got this sinking feeling that (at least for the first bit) I might not be so consistent. 

I very much feel like someone kicked me off the ferry and I’m now treading water watching the boat steam away from me. I’m hoping to still be buoyant when the ferry comes back my direction. It’s the nature of a steep learning curve: it’s difficult until it’s not. Eventually, I will sync all the info inside my overwhelmed brain and it will make sense.

I can’t help but be reminded of  intensive Hebrew during seminary. The running joke: it’s all Greek to me. And it was. For the longest time and then, as if by magic (but really by ridiculous amounts of after class hours holed up in the library pouring over grammar charts) the letters began to arrange themselves into words. And words into sentences. And I began to dream in Hebrew.

But until it happens, I beg your presence and patience. I’m a bit lonely. I’m completely overwhelmed. And I’m struggling to find my place in this new paradigm labeled, “My life.” I’m not sure how the parts of me on hold will fit in. That makes me sad and frustrated and ridiculously weepy. So, a friend or two in my world would be welcomed. 

Consider this an S.O.S. until the ferry arrives. 

A New Direction

The lone peach rose from my garden. It’s huge and so pretty and just hangs out in a neglected corner. I grabbed this bloom before the deer got to it! 


Sometimes, your life changes on a dime. In my case, on a Saturday. Last weekend, I found myself asking my adorable husband, and he really is adorable, “What can I do to help?”

Apparently, quite a bit. He’s under an immense amount of pressure and in dire need of someone to step into the customer service gap with his business. We’ve both worked from home, independently from each other, for the past 7 years—but this is the first time we’ve ever considered actually working together. 

And in a heartbeat, in the time it took to walk the waterfront of Astoria, I went from being his wife to being his employee.

Life is like that.

I know it’s the right decision. He needs help and for once, it’s in an area that I can actually do an amazing job. If there is one thing Mireio customers will tell you, it is that Mireio has wonderful customer service. It’s one of the perks of shopping Mireio!  I’ve always put my customers first and I believe that the core of any business is fabulous customer service. I just never imagined I would be heading up that role for IZ. 

The crazy thing is, I adore him and I hate to see him suffer. So, as his wife, I’m elated to finally be able to help alleviate some of the stress he’s been living with for so long. As a person, I’m a bit intimidated to be jumping in with both feet and learning as I go. I’m also a bit apprehensive since it means a radical change in how I move in the world.

For those of you who have supported my little venture for so long, it means a few changes here as well. This job is most likely a temporary gig. I’m simply stepping in to make a difference in the short run, so that IZ can focus on the restructuring he wants to do without also having to focus on immediately hiring new personnel.But I will be occuppied full-time for a few months. Consequently, I am cutting back my blogging to 2x a week. Starting August 2nd, I will be blogging here on Monday and Thursdays.

As well, it’s not realistic for me to keep my usual studio hours while working full-time. Mireio celebrates 4 years in a few days, and I will be hosting my usual birthday sale starting the August 5th. This year’s sale will be AMAZING! I hope you’ll join me, as I will be deeply discounting pre-made items and all vintage in the store. But, unlike past years where I’ve immediately listed a fall line, I will be adding items as I have time to make them. Since my studio time will be drastically cut back, I won’t be stocking quite as much as I have in the past. So, for those of you who like to buy holiday presents from Mireio, I strongly suggest you shop early to get the best selection.

This is not the end of Mireio. It’s simply a sabbatical while I focus on more pressing needs in my life. I will still be blogging and creating, just not at the level I have in the past! But, even with the reduction of time in the studio, I will be introducing new items I know my customers will love. (like removable covers with zippers and custom inserts!) I just won’t be adding things in the volume I had in the past—so, if you see something you love, grab it early!!

Thank you all for being so present in my life. I hope you will all understand that, for this moment in time, it’s really important that I focus my attention to helping IZ and being present in that part of my life more fully. It’s not forever and in the meantime, I hope you’ll continue to support this little venture of mine. 


I’m pretty sure our camping trip was magic.