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A Rainy Brunch

A fabulous brunchy breakfast served on a cheerful plate at Auntie M’s in Seaside.


When the weather will comply, IZ and I have a tradition of long walks along the river on Saturdays. We typically stop for a coffee or tea and then walk for as long as our legs will carry us. But this morning we found ourselves rained out after an hour. Cold, wet, decidedly hungry, we slogged back to our car and drove home. 


This is what sleep deprivation looks like.

We had almost thrown in the towel this morning and opted for breakfast. Last night was a late night of work.  IZ made it bed by 3, I was a relative early bird in bed by 1 am. We were zonked and walking in the spit didn’t sound as good as the plates of eggs and bacon being paraded in front of us at Astoria Coffee House. But, my jeans have been screaming at me and photos don’t lie: I’ve um packed on the pounds this winter. My job has me sitting all day and I look forward to the long walks and talks: so we didn’t stay. 

Of course, by the time we made it home, Astoria Coffee was no longer serving breakfast. So, on a tip from my lovely friend Candace, we headed out to Auntie M’s in Seaside. They serve breakfast sandwiches until 2 and all their food is homemade. It sounded like a fitting brunch date after such a disappointing walk. (note: wet skinny jeans, friends, are no picnic to peel off! And that makes me laugh, skinny jeans: even my jeans are in denial.)


Talking physics 

I’m pretty sure the croissant wasn’t a good diet choice. But my mouth will totally disagree. Soooo good, crispy, flaky, yummy. I really, seriously love a good croissant. And the eggs was so fluffy and light. Iz and I had tea (decaf Earl Grey: Meh. That’s my fault, Earl Grey shouldn’t be decaf, not really!) but Geo had an espresso drink that he said was really good. I probably should have tried their mocha, but the Earl Grey was calling to me. He’s like that, the Earl… such a seducer. 

Anyhow, it completely made up for our sad, wet walk. Auntie M’s place is cozy and fun and the staff is really lovely. And if the weather will treat you right (or you don’t mind getting drenched) it’s just a short walk to the beach. Just about perfect, I’d say. You know, for a rainy day. 

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Again with the coffee shots. . . 

I find myself this afternoon, after a night of nearly no sleep, at one of our favorite coffee places. I’m frantically catching up on customer support requests and monitoring weather reports. The Oregon Coast endured quite a blow last night that knocked out our power and internet this afternoon. We’re over-caffeinated and praying for a quick restoration.

I spent part of my morning at coffee with a dear friend, planning our church’s Christmas pageant. I love little kids in angel costumes, I get giddy at the idea. It’s more than the caffeine, folks, it’s the reality that the light of the World is about to make an entrance once again.

And not a moment too soon. . . the world is blowing up. Sometimes the news looks like one long prayer request. Creator of the Universe, please bring peace. Soon. 

Closer to home, my family is gently walking the road of loss, as we cope with the news that Geo’s grandma Helen  “went to be with Jesus”  last night. We are remembering and smiling and shedding tears. From a parenting perspective, this is the first major loss my child has to had to face — so we’re listening more than talking. Creating space to mourn. You’re never really done parenting, are you?

So, I’ll wrap this up. As other people will want to take my seat shortly. Trying to connect with their families and work and lives outside of this wind whipped coast. I hope that this post finds your family well. For us, we are safe and together, and for that I am thankful.

May the light of the world find you as you gather with your family and friends this week. 

Around Town: Great Pyrenees

IZ and I took a long walk around downtown Astoria today… and this Great Pyrenees was quite the attraction! Just hanging out in his yellow truck, everyone kept stopping by to take his picture. Including me. 

Flowers Make Everything Better

Look what showed up in our CSA box this week. Lovely, no? I think I’m going to plant some violas just to use in salads.  

Road Trip: Oysterville, Washington

Looking across Willapa Bay


We piled into the car on Saturday . . . just to get out. One of our favorite destinations is Oysterville, Washington.  I love it most in the Spring, when the cherry trees are blooming. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the 50 minute drive up the peninsula. There is something so peaceful about Oysterville. There isn’t much left of what was once the center of Pacific County’s life—but what remains is enchanting. Make sure you stop at  Surfer Sands in Long Beach and grab some amazing sandwiches for the journey. And don’t forget to bring your camera. 


Like snow in the spring. . .


A self snap with IZ. . .


Probably my favorite capture of the day. The Moon in the window is hand drawn on a paper fan .

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