Romantic Glue: Just Because Flowers











I suppose it’s a bit cliche to claim giving flowers as a token of romance. It’s at least obvious. But I’ll be honest, it’s still really lovely to receive them.  Especially when they arrive unexpectedly on the first day of Spring. Just because. 

I love that phrase: just because. It’s doesn’t really need to be finished, does it? But it can be, in so many ways: Just because I love you. Just because you are YOU. Just because I want you to know I’m thinking about you.

No matter the sentiment: just because flowers are a lovely way of speaking your heart. 

As it’s the first day of Spring, I’d be remiss not to comment on his flower choice! There is something so hopeful about a daffodil. So utterly cheery and delightful: you can’t help but smile. And waking up to a big yellow bouquet (that even the old retired dog seemed to notice!) — well, let’s just say it’s a GREAT way to start the morning. *wink* 

Just because flowers: romantic glue.  What’s your romantic glue? 


Good Morning Beautiful



via Pinterest: For more Everyday Romance…Need the mug? You can get it here


Every morning. He greets me with a mocha and says, “Good morning Beautiful.” Which is as romantic as it is ridiculous. You’re never going to get the “just awake” photo from me, (vanity vanity) but trust me: I don’t match the description! 

And it seems like such a small thing. But I can’t think without my coffee, and he knows. Waking me up has become his ritual — and it’s stunning to me, that after 24 years, he’s still bringing me coffee — still calling me beautiful. Still making me feel beautiful. 

These small moments, these faithfully held traditions hold us together in ways that mark us, MAKE us “us”. 

What holds you together? What is your romantic glue? 



Romancing Your Day

Periwinkle Vintage Slip

Gorgeous Periwinkle Vintage Slip (M) at Mireio

I’ve added a some new slips and camisoles to Mireio. Lately, I’ve been enchanted by the blues of this month. Soft amethysts and periwinkles  and indigoes –they speak to me.  And they’re such soothing colors after the reign of red and pink of the past few weeks. 

I’m hoping to add more camisoles soon, simply because they’re so versatile. Layer them with cardigans and jeans and any day can turn into a date night! They’re just so romantic. 

vintage camisole

Ooh la la, 1970’s disco chic vintage camisole in dark purple. I can just see this paired with skinny jeans and large gold hoop earrings! 

Vintage slips really are versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe. They’re fabulous for a romantic getaway, easily tossed into an overnight bag. But they make terrific day pieces, everyday romance pieces too! Jennifer Valentine, of Sacred Cake, wears hers with leggings and a cute thrifted jacket! 


 Lovely in amethyst: the color of February: a stunning vintage slip with a handmade peony pin. 

Speaking of everyday romance, I love this video done by UC Berkeley on the secrets to lasting love. “Consider every day an anniversary day.” I couldn’t agree more! A little romance each day really can lead to lasting love!

Be You



Day Fourteen: Be You. No matter how you celebrate this day, be yourself. Because you are Be-You-tiful!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Well, we did it! Fourteen days of romance, ideas, and inspiration. I can’t wait to do it again… next year!

This morning my son handed me his handmade Valentine: full of his heart. And it reminded me, once again, that the most important thing we can do for those we love, is to bring our best selves. If we’re not, we’re missing out!

As you can imagine, I have a lot to say about that topic. But this morning I found out that we have surprise visitors coming tomorrow: so in the midst of our Valentine plans today,  I need to clean up all the mess fun I’ve had in the past 14 days. Our house looks like a cherub exploded. *wink*  So, I’m going to go focus on those things: family first.

But I want to let you all know: you really are amazing. I hope you have a lovely and romantic Valentine’s Day!


Make My Love Heart Shaped

heart shaped hand pies

Day Thirteen: Shape Your Love (hand pies!!)

My family says they’re not tiring of heart shaped things: but maybe that’s because I’ve been making Pie! These lovely little fruit and chocolate tarts were made using a hand-pie mold I bought on a whim at the grocery store. It’s made by Nordic Ware and was 50% off: I figured, if it didn’t work, it was the price of a mocha. I could afford to risk the price of mocha, right? (And yes, many, many purchase decisions are made by the answer to the question, “How many Starbuck’s Mochas could I buy for that?!) 



The press worked “just ok”.  As you can see from my pies, the edges aren’t that crisp. I’m not sure if that is an error on my part or not, as the directions were pretty skimpy on the packaging. But I did like the bowl of the heart press: it made filling the pie easy. When you’re making hand pies and the bottom crust is on a flat board, it can be difficult to “mound” up the fillings without getting spillage everywhere. So, I guess it’s a trade off.

When I use the press again, I think I’ll also omit the little cut-out heart on top. It’s cute in theory, but in practice it made removing the pies from the mold cumbersome. 

I filled these pies with good chocolate chips and raspberries (Geo had raspberries and Apricot jam, because he’s not a fan of chocolate.) — but your options really are endless. Especially if you don’t use that decorative cut-out! Any bit of fruit and chocolate, or jam and finely diced nuts.  If you’re really brave, you could even use a custard filling of some sort.



Just a note, these pies can handle a lot more filling than I used! I placed about 5 raspberries and a few chocolate chips in mine: wish I had doubled the fruit for a better fruit to crust ratio. It will look like a lot, but in reality: there is a lot of crust in a hand-pie. That’s stating the obvious in retrospect — but at the time, the small amount that I used “looked” like enough. In the future, I will stuff those babies! 

I baked these at 425 for about 10 minutes. Which are the directions for my pie crust recipe. Any pie crust will work, even store-bought. Use your favorite or experiment. If you come up with a chocolate pie crust, let me know. 

Such a hit! And a sweet way to give your love. Of course, you don’t have limit your heart-shaped love to fruit pie. There’s always pizza-pie! (which, for the record, is on the menu tomorrow!)