This Life

Birthday Shoes



The sandals I bought with the birthday money my parents-in-law sent me!! On a dilapidated chair that looks far better than my pedicure at the moment. 


Months ago, I asked Mireio’s FB page readers, “Which color should I get?” I had birthday money and a will to spend it!  These gorgeous sandals also come in this really pretty creamy yellow. And I was torn. Which pair should I splurge on?

This color was the universal favorite. Almost everyone said “Blue!”*  And I opted for it because 1.) so much of my wardrobe works with this color, and 2.) I was afraid the creamy yellow wouldn’t look appealing on my turkey flesh white legs. I sport an Oregon tan. 


Maybe a bit more green than I expected. But so pretty. Love that zipper… scared to pull it, tho!

So, I took the plunge. I bought a pair of sandals to replace my beloved sandals that died 2 years go.(Remember these??) Oddly enough, I bought that pair for a wedding and the sandals didn’t arrive in time to get packed in my suitcase. Omen??  And then they died after wearing them to a wedding 4 years later after non-stop summer wear.  I cried. I still have them, useless, tucked away in my armoire.   

I’m realizing I have a thing for blue sandals. I may need to branch out. What color? Red? Orange?? Which makes me wonder: do you find yourself drawn to  the same color sandal each year? 

*Several people on Facebook mentioned they might buy these (Masque Geo Sandals). If you haven’t already, order a half size down. I wear an 8.5-9 in most shoes and ended up returning the 8.5 for an 8. They run a bit, loose. They don’t grip your ankles like you’d expect. I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing. But IZ convinced me to keep them and I think I’ll love them when skirt season finally arrives. 



On His Way


This child, well… isn’t a child anymore. He’s on his way to college in the fall. We’re so proud of him.  

Pop-Up Birthday

We like handmade around here. Geo made me a handmade card with a pop-up cake and candles. Clever! 

Don’t Eat the Snow

Taking a late night walk and eating snow in 2007


I’m sitting in the pink room, on break from work… trying to summon up the energy to go downstairs to make a cup of tea. But I’m watching CNN’s coverage of Nemo; it just  makes me want to curl up with a warm blanket in front of a cozy fire. Maybe coax someone else into making tea. It looks COLD out there. And crazy blizzard white already. Brrr…

I hope if you’re in the path of this storm, you are safe and surrounded by loved ones. I’m holding good, warm thoughts for you. Praying your power will stay on and that you have a someone to bring you tea. Stay safe and warm and INSIDE friends. And, um, maybe don’t eat the snow. 

My Kingdom For a Red Dress

Anthropologie is taunting me. Again. 

This falls underneath the “Darn it, I can’t wear silk and can’t justify $200 for a dress right now” column. But, in my imaginary closet of impossibility: this dress is the reigning monarch.  (And that wall is pretty impressive too.)