The Plate I’m Spinning





So, last week was my birthday.  And I carved out just a bit of time to make up this skirt for Barbara Kellie. (It’s reversible and has vintage rid rack as trim.)And then… I started spinning the “Youth Director” plate. Hard.

After months of painting, I am *thisclose* to finishing our enormous youth room. I have one more coat of chalkboard paint to apply on one wall and a wee bit of touch-up… and it’s on to the fun stuff: decorating!

I’m really excited for the kids to have a great new hang-out spot at church. Even more excited to get back into the studio and blogging. 

I’ve been dyeing slips when I can and sorting vintage fabric for new lingerie bags. And I’m thinking with the next shop update there might even be some vintage! (Ps, if you want dryer sachets, they’re back in stock right now!)

Very soon, I’m moving on to spinning Mireio’s plate. Can’t wait!! But first I must paint. And stop rhyming. *wink*

Baby Clothes Tutorials Round-up

Bkellie1Meet my tiny new muse: Barbara Kellie. She’s just 15 months and is already fierce! I can’t wait to sew something to match that little personality of hers. 


Barbara Kellie came for a visit last weekend and since then I’ve been on a pinning spree! She’s an utter delight: more interested in doing than talking. We rolled pie dough — apparently she’s an old hand at that. And we played piano together; her first lesson, she’s already figured out hammer mechanisms. (We have an old player piano that has a sliding glass window into the piano–lots of fun to press keys and see what happens!)  And she tore down block buildings faster than cousin Geo could make them! Busy!!

So, I’m looking to make something that will let her be busy and express her personality. She’s a pretty serious toddler — play is her business. Which means I have my work cut out for me. 

Pinterest to the rescue, eh? I’m leaning toward a simple skirt with a hand painted top –but who knows where my tiny little muse will lead me.  There are so many amazing tutorials and kids’ fashion ideas to be found. It’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few of my favorites. (for more ideas, you can follow me on Pinterest) Continue reading →

In Photos: Our Valentine’s Soirée


A Whale of a Good Time



Stunning print by Michele Maule. You can find it here.


I have thing for whales. Big Fish. I’m not sure why, though I do think immersing myself for months in the text of Jonah during graduate school probably played a role. The whole Jonah metaphor figures big in my life. . . but that is a different story.

And while I don’t actually collect “whale” things in real life. . . (Pretty sure that would trigger a hoarding impulse in me —  “Oh, so you really like whales!”) I find myself pinning and hearting whale things often. It’s not exactly an addiction or anything.  Just a minor obsession. 


whaleadatineHow amazing is this whale? I need this, right? Fabulously created by Adatine. You can find it here. 


And at the risk of provoking the ire of all my literarily minded friends: this is EXACTLY what you should be doing with Melville. . .



The House of Ismay rocking all things literary.



And sometimes, I buy tiny little jumpers in tiny little whale prints and send them to tiny little babies.  ♥