balsam sachets

Back In Stock: Balsam Acorn Sachets

Balsam Acorn Sachets


Just in time for the season: Balsam Acorn Sachets. Back in stock. These are made to order from a lovely selection of Vintage Fabric. 


Ready Made Acorn Sachets

Acorn Sachets

New Acorn Sachets in Balsam and Lavender are in store. Ready to ship!


New today! I’ve made some Acorn sachets in balsam and lavender. Each set is unique, one of a kind, and ready to ship. Featuring stunning vintage fabrics and the most fragrant balsam and lavender, these tiny sachets make wonderful gifts. 

Coming soon: Peppermint. And as always, if you can always order a custom made set of Acorns in Lavender, Balsam, or Peppermint — and in your color palette!