barney and sons

Rose Tea: A Winter’s Cup

rosetea5A lovely cup for a mid-winter day. 

Rose tea is traditionally an iced beverage. It’s perfect in the summer time, and it makes sense to make it then–as roses are readily available. 

But I love hot, hot, (can you see the steam?) on a winter day. It’s so evocative of summer, earthy and sweet and romantic. 




It’s so easy to make. Usually made with green tea, I prefer mine with Harney and Son’s Vanilla Comoro.  I use just a pinch of cardamom and let my tea steep until it caramel colored. 






Usually, I use a Rose Water from Cortas, but our local store was out so I gave this a try. It’s a French brand and is really very pretty. So fragrant. I think it’s stronger than the usual Rose Water, so you don’t need to use quite as much. If you’re looking to buy some, this is made by Noirot.




Once your tea has steeped, add 1 TB of Rose Water. Then shut your eyes and dream of warmer weather.