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Have an Awesome Weekend

This is Murphy. . . The awwww quotient on this blog just skyrocketed.


Isn’t he adorable? A customer sent me a tweet last night that said, “Someone looks comfortable on my Wende pillow.” I thought Murphy would be a nice way to wrap up the week and wish you a Happy Friday!  Have an “Awe” filled weekend, friends. See you on Monday. (when, rumor has it, I take a step closer to redeeming the much maligned beet.) 

New Buckwheat Hull Pillows: Spring Fever

New Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows arriving at Mireio today! 


Do you have the fever yet? I certainly do. I’m ready to grab my super comfy Mireio travel pillow and board a plane to someplace warm. And balmy. That serves drinks with tiny colorful umbrellas. 

If you’re traveling this Spring, or any time really, these new collection of pillows is perfect. Featuring an array of bright and cheery fabrics for every style. But these prints are limited and will only be reproduced a few times—so if you see a traveling companion in the mix shop early! (I’m not kidding here! The pillow on the bottom. … green graphic with cherry flowers on it. . . is a one off! )

Feeling Gingham

I’m not letting today’s dusting of snow deter me. . . I’m working on new pillows for Mireio today. Spring like pillows. Bright, cheerful, and the perfect travel companions for Spring Break. Stay tuned, these fabrics made into stunning buckwheat hull pillows will be in Mireio shortly. (and do you see that. . . gingham! What do you think? Can Mireio pull off the checkered look?) 

New Travel Pillows

Coming Soon: Yummy Autumn Spa and Travel Pillows.


This fabric just arrived today! I’m hoping to have buckwheat hull pillows listed late next week. These are going to be be limited—so if you see a fabric you just have to have, let me know and I’ll reserve list it for you. I love these fabrics. A few are girly, but I also found some unisex and masculine prints for all those men in your lives. You’d be surprised how many people tell me their pillows often go missing courtesy of their significant other. So! Now you can grab a manly pillow and tell them to keep their hands off of your Mireio Spa pillow!

Also, coming up later next week—NEWS! You’ll have to stay tuned, but it’s fun stuff coming your way!

Meanwhile, I’m busy filling last minute orders and getting ready for this weekend’s wedding. I’m so excited! You can see a photo of my gorgeous dress over on Mireio’s Fan Page. Are you a fan?  I hope you are!!

3rd Anniversary SALE

Yay! Mirieo is turning three on August 5th. And like most three year olds, I’m a little impatient to begin listing new fall items! So, I’m starting my 3rd Anniversary SALE early. In stock housewares, colored candles, and most vintage are deeply discounted. Take a peek and shop early as most items on SALE will not be in the store once the sale is over.



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