Cardamom Bread

Not even trying with this photo. Because, it’s too good to waste time taking photos when you could be eating tasty bread.


Poor IZ is laid up with bronchitis. He’s been sick for a week and on enough meds to make me thankful we at least have decent insurance on the prescription front. He’s always had sketchy lungs, but this is his first bout with bronchitis in a couple of years. I thought after struggling to cough and sleep and generally cope with 70 hour weeks on top of an illness he deserved a bit of comfort food.

So, I got up (skipped church!) and baked him 4 loaves of Cardamom bread.

There are times when you just need old fashioned medicine to get over a nasty bug. Time off from work (stop answering emails, IZ!), lots of fizzy water, and homemade bread.

I hope it’s a step up from the salines and golden oreos he’s been existing on for the past week.

Anyhow, I put this recipe up on Evidently 2 years ago, but I’ll post it here too. The recipe makes 3 large loaves, but this time I opted to divide the dough into 4ths; I think I like the smaller loaves better. I’d suggest popping one of the loaves into the freezer to enjoy at a later date, but. . . who are we kidding? I mean, it’s Cardamom bread. If you’re willing to devote the hours it takes to make this stuff, you totally deserve to consume it while it’s hot and fresh. Recipe under the fold.

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