Flowers Make Everything Better

Look what showed up in our CSA box this week. Lovely, no? I think I’m going to plant some violas just to use in salads.  

Just Beet It

Oh, ‘fess up, if you’re going to be stuck with an ear worm all day, Michael Jackson is a good choice!


Our CSA box arrived with beets in it. BEETS! I have a long history of detesting this particular root vegetable—straight back to infancy where I was famous for spitting them spray style at any person brave enough to feed them to me.  You’d think after one such assault people would wise up and switch to sweet potatoes or something.  

So, I need your help, big time. Redeem this pretty, though much maligned, root for me? Post your fabulous beet recipes (or links to them!) in the comments. Because the only thing I can think to do with them is to boil them into dye. And IZ says we’re supposed to eat the contents of the CSA box not do crafts with them. Prove him right, people!


**If you live on the North Coast of Oregon or Southern Washington, Green Angel Farms has the best CSA! We love their boxes.