Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard. . . 


This has become my little sanity ritual. Stopping by the neighborhood dahlia stand and buying a bunch of flowers each week. It’s hard to buy just one bunch, they’re all so pretty. But $4 of dahlias goes a long way.

To say it’s been nutty here is an understatement. Along with the new job, I’ve taken on some ministerial tasks with the kids in my church. Fun work. Exhausting work. It doesn’t leave much time to focus on Mireio or the house. So, once a week, I stop to buy dahlias and deep clean our house.  I dream of getting things painted. . . but for the moment, it’s just a dream. 


The new butcher block is starting to age nicely… Now if I could just learn to take photographs in my kitchen. 


I’ve not given up on Mireio, however. Just today I ordered new fabric for fall pillows, in a color palette that reminds me a bit of all these pretty flowers. Lots pretty coming your way. In time. It was unrealistic to think that I’d be able to juggle it all immediately. But I can see a pattern emerging and I am hopeful I’ll find studio time starting in September.

It’s not the August I imagined, but it’s the one I have. And it’s amazing what a difference a $4 bunch of dahlias can make.