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Holiday Gift Guide — Week Five

Recently, I was asked to recommend a few etsy artists for wall art. The inquirer was looking for art for her office, but I thought this would be the perfect theme for the last Holiday Gift Guide. There is no better gift, than the gift of art—in fact, that was ALL I got last year for Christmas. Best Christmas Ever. Seriously, my husband asked me what I wanted and I said, “ART”.  He delivered.

And so did the etsy artists who created all my gifts. Amazing. So, I thought I would share with you my favorites–with an eye toward things that hang on your walls. I hope you’ll find something wonderful to give, maybe a few to keep, and of course a few to dream about for the future.

The Best of Etsy Holiday Gift Guides — Week Five — Let’s All Hang Together

(Links to photos shown above, Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Hive by Michele Maule. I can’t say enough about Michele. Her work is really wonderful. I linked a print I adore, but she has lots of whimsical pieces that would be perfect for any wall (including an office!)

Wall Pillows from Stepanka. Go browse Stepanka and fall in love. I couldn’t choose which Wall Pillow to link, so I’ll recommend them all. And honestly, the more you have the happier your wall.

Sailing the Seven Seas as Pretty as You Please by Lisa Kaser.  Lisa’s work has such a playful quality to it. The colors don’t translate on the computer– so be prepared to be absolutely WOWed by the real thing.

Original Gyotaku by Orchid Street Studio. This is an interesting and ancient art form — make sure you read about the process!

Jeunes Filles aux Lèvres Rose by Maryann Wakeley. Not for the faint-of-heart in the price department. But the color, oh the color! It’s a statement piece.

Waves by Moonflowers. Rachel Ballard is a generous person, a terrific instructor, and an amazing photographer. Grab a print or two (before she’s also FAMOUS).

Will You Please Put Down that Us Magazine and Listen to Me by Mincing Mockingbird. Part of Mincing Mockingbird’s appeal is the wit. And the other part is the absolute brilliance of these bird paintings.

The Willow by Lucy Snowe Photography. A new photographer to Etsy with an ethereal vibe.

S A F E by Christina Romeo. Christina is a mixed media artist—so make sure you poke around in her store a bit. You’ll find amazing paintings and ceramics as well as colorful textile pieces like this.

You Reap What You Sew by Mary’s Grandaughter.  For a little bit of textile art with depth. The multi-dimensionality makes these pieces so interesting.

Chipmunk Family Go To Picnic by Coqumaho. I adore these tiny little painting. So wonderfully rendered, you’ll want to collect them.

Whisper by Kat Hannah. Finally, but not in the least, Kat Hannah. I’m going to warn you now, her work is addictive. The colors are amazing. I wish her photographs captured her work better. TRUST ME, you will not be disappointed. Here’s a link to a piece I own… see what I mean?

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Gift Guides this year. Happiest of Holidays to you! I’ll be back in January with  regular installments of The Best of Etsy and more fabulous finds. You know, there’s still time to order online and handmade really does say, “I LOVE YOU.” Take care friends, and happy shopping.

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Holiday Gift Guides 2009 — Week Four

This week’s The Best of Etsy Holiday Gift Guides is brought to you by Gingerbread Houses, Royal Icing, and Hansel and Gretel. Full of dreamy, fairy-tale inspired finds I know you’re just going to love!

The Best of Etsy — Holiday Gift Guides — Week Four — Winter Fairy Tale

(links to items shown above, Top to Bottom, Right to Left)

Tuck a tiny treasure into this Gingerbread Box by The Box Shop and create some holiday Magic!

Vintage Peppermint Slings are the perfect holiday accessory. Right? And you’ll look just like a fairy princess wearing them.

Fabulous stocking stuffers in all those amazingly sweet holiday scents. Sugar Baby Body Polish Bar by Bath Life

Perfect for decorating a Gingerbread House of your own. Milk Chocolate Christmas Non-Pareils

Keep your sweetie’s hands toasty while you create some Winter Wonder in the snow. Cinnamon Berry Mittens

For all you creative types—this Ric Rack Fabric by Flower Press is gorgeous. Whatcha going to do with it?

I don’t think I need to explain this. Or who it’s for. But I’m pretty sure Hans put this on the list. Lily Garter Belt

A fairy-tale isn’t complete without lovable creature or two. Whitey Radetsky Stuffie by Ninon

Another magical offering from Flying Rhymes. (Did I mention she has FANTASTIC shipping?)  Handpainted Daydream Pillow

This White Handknit Lace Scarf by Awkward has that ethereal touch (and psst… it’s on SALE!!)

More of a collector’s piece for someone with a house addiction, this Clay Gnome House is as charming as it is colorful. But check-out the rest of the store for more affordable and enchanted pieces.

And finally, wrap up your gifts with these sweet Swedish Design Wooden Gift Tags. Because a sweet-singing bird is always a good tip off that something amazing is on its way.

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Winter Holiday Votives

My apologies to those of you who came looking for last week’s The  Best of Etsy Gift Guides. I’ve been sidelined with a terrible cold and am just now getting back into the swing of things. I do hope you and yours had a lovely holiday weekend. The Gift Guides will start again this Wednesday, 2 December—stuffed full of amazing gift finds. Please join me and tell a friend!

Holiday Gift Guides — Week Three

Are you ready for more of The Best of Etsy Holiday Gift Guides? This week’s list  is inspired by one of my favorite images of the holidays: twinkling colored lights through lightly falling snow. There is just something about those candy colored lights and the stillness of snow that speaks to me. So, I’ve put together a collection of wonderful items inspired  by just a sight—and they’re fabulous gifts as well! From holiday decor to tiny sweets for your ears, it’s all here. Oh, and did I mention this week is super sized?  Why? Because you can never have too much of candy colored lights and drifting snow.

Why not pull up a chair next to a warm cozy fire and find something special (and handmade!) to give this year?

The Best of Etsy Holiday  Gift Guides 2009 — Week Three — Candy Colored Snow Fall

(Links to images shown Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Why not trim the tree with something new this year? Or drape over a window for a lovely holiday touch. White Lace Paper Garland

Admit it, you want a Gumdrop Wreath And so does everyone on your gift list. Just, try not to eat any of the gumdrops, because Auny Margaret is going to notice.

Give your favorite fashionista the gift of warmth. Fashionable warmth! Big Sandy Woolie Hat

So, you’re the crafty sort. Handmade means Handmade by YOU. No problem, Spazzy Handspun Yarns has you covered. Her Holly Berries Yarn is just one of the amazing hand dyed yarns you’ll find just waiting for your magical touch.

Stocking Stuffing Alert! These are perfect. Drop one in to your sweetie’s stocking. Or two . Or three. Peppermint Foot Scrub

And if you’re in the mood for pampering, these Wool Boots are just the ticket. Grazim can make custom sizes, and there are slippers too. Just note, they are in Lithuania, so you’ll need to be ordering SOON if you want these in time to give for the holidays.

More crafty goodness. Why not make something special with this Vintage Art Kit.

For your Urban friends who have everything. Pair this Sushi Serving Set with a gift certificate to their favorite take-out and they’ll be eating in style!

Is best friend allergic to all things Evergreen? Why not send her this amazing Paper Wreath instead? She won’t need Benedryl to enjoy it, either!

Perfect Peppermint Sparkles Earrings are just right for that co-worker with the Starlights addiction.

Give the gift of magic to someone special. Wouldn’t this little Christmas Fairy be just the right touch to top off a stocking?

And finally, a bit of Snowflake Bunting. Just because.

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Holiday Gift Guides — Week Two

Hey all you foodies! I’ve got some fabulous food finds this week. AND some terrific packaging ideas as well. How cool is that?

The Best of Etsy  Holiday Gift Guides 2009 — Week Two — Foodies Unite!

(links to items shown top to bottom, left to right)

Everybody loves a good cookie! And these Cherry Pistachio Shortbread by Ink and Paper Arts are in hot demand!

Gorgeous and tasty and just the flavor of the season! Blood Orange Jam

On top of a mocha these would  be fabulous! Candy Cane Marshmallows And Have it Sweet Confections is the best in the business. Wonderful customer service. But ORDER EARLY!!

This is AMAZING! A set of three handmade serving pieces, the Rustic Serving Trio would make such a thoughtful hostess gift! It’s really worth a click and a big find!! Go see.

Do you bake bread for Holiday Gifts? Why not wrap up your gorgeous loaves in this equally gorgeous Oil Cloth Basket

The most lovely Vintage French Tin would be such a sweet way to wrap up a baked good gift. Just line it in a bit of parchment or wax paper and you’re all set. It’s so pretty, you don’t even need a bow!

Speaking of cookies– Whimsy and Spice make such elegant gifts. Their packaging doesn’t need any added help so you’re set! Try their Chocolate Orange Cardamon Shortbread. Out of this world AMAZING shortbread.

I adore Tea for All Reasons, but this Romance Tea has to be the best concoction of theirs yet! Chocolate and cherry and  bits of bling. Oh, my, stocking stuffer!

And for those in need of a bit of fudgy goodness, don’t forget this Dark Chocolate Ganache Snowman. Buy a couple, because I’m guessing at least one won’t make it out of your house.

Got a Food or Packaging suggestion? Leave a link in the comments!  I love feedback  and am always looking for more “The Best of Etsy”!

All photos used for promotional purposes only. Please do not copy. Be the original YOU are!