Lavender Sachets: Small Holiday Gifts

lavender sachets

 A vintage mother of pearl accents this charming lavender sachet set. 


Lavender Sachets make great gifts! 

This week I’ve been working on adding lavender sachets to Mireio. Lavender sachets make lovely gifts — and I want to make sure there are plenty to choose from for the holidays. Right now, I’m adding these amazing “mini” sachets — at “mini” prices to boot. This lavender sachet set features a stunning vintage Mother of Pearl Button and a tiny embroidered pagoda. Made with fragrant lavender — these sachets are backed in vintage Brunschwig and Fils cotton. 




Or you can choose this charming set of vintage feedback sachets. Five tiny, but powerful, sachets created from vintage textiles in a gorgeous indigo palette.  Mireio sachets are always filled with the most fragrant lavender from Provence. 

I’ll be adding tiny sachets all week –so check back for even more new items.

Mark your calendar: Later next week there will be new standard sized sachets, just in time for the holidays. 


Ding Dong Dashing the Neighbors



Day Twelve: Ready to “Ding Dong Dash” the neighbors on Friday! 

Ok, almost ready! Geo, bless his soul, made handmade caramels for family and friends last night — my job today was to wrap them up and assemble little care packages. I had cut all all the wax paper,  assembled all the ribbon and cello, and made one package when my day said, “Hello, other plans!”  

Who knew Wednesday could be so pushy? 



So, guess who will be wrapping up these babies tonight and tomorrow? Yeah, this girl!

If making caramels isn’t your thing (and I tried, the kid won’t give up his “secret” recipe) and you don’t have an adorable college student to talk into doing the job for you, this little package works just as well with store bought candy or cookies or really anything you’d want to leave as a gift! You can make these door packages in 3 easy steps!



  • Candy
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Wire Garland 


  1. Cut out a large square of cello. I just plop whatever I’m wrapping up on the roll of cello and cut a square that will give me a bit of extra at the top.
  2. Tie closed with ribbon of your choice. 
  3. Cut a piece of wire garland (about 15″). Create a “loop” by twisting it closed at about 3-4″ from the ends. Then twist those ends around your package where you tied your ribbon. And that’s it.

Now the hard part: leaving them on your neighbor’s door without getting caught. Good luck! 

The Universe Shops at Amazon


Mystery Package of Needles

Last week, a package arrived from Amazon. In it, 10 packages of Organ Needles. (100 needles total!)  Here’s the thing, we didn’t order any sewing needles. It was our name on the envelope. Our address. But, there wasn’t any record on our  bank account that we had placed an order. 

We called Amazon and said as much. After giving them every number we could find on the package and offering to ship the needles back, we were told, “Keep them. We have no idea who ordered them or even how to process that return.”  IZ handed me the box and asked if I could use them? We hadn’t opened the box yet, so I had no idea. But, and you know this is coming right?, they turned out to be the exact size of needles I use in my machine. 

And here’s the other thing: just the day before I had been lamenting to IZ, concerned over my ability to keep the store stocked and the progress (or lack there of) that I was making. 

“Wow, these are perfect!” 

“Looks like the Universe is trying to tell you to keep moving forward!”

Looks that way to me too.


Why I Love: Dancing Mooney


Really, what’s NOT to love? Gorgeous Amethyst Glass Necklace by Dancing Mooney. 


If you haven’t discovered Dancing Mooney, then you’re in for a treat! Janell’s store is so lovely, full of wonderful gift ideas: you’ll want to make sure you shop early for the holidays! Run by a fabulous Oregonian, Janell, Dancing Mooney is one of those stores that provides a wonderful shopping experience. Which is saying something when you’re shopping online! Everything from the photography to the packaging is so well thought out — you get that Anthropologie feeling without leaving your house. It’s just lovely to linger. And, who doesn’t love shopping in their P.J.s? 

There just are not enough superlatives . . . and Janell (who is a fabu twitter friend and generous supporter of all things handmade!) really is a terrific shop owner. If you’re looking for amazing gifts and a wonderful shopping experience: this is your place, friends. I adore everything Janell does!

And that’s why I love Dancing Mooney. (I think YOU will too!) Take a peek. She makes bath goods, jewelry, and so much more!


And… this is pure love here, friends. Just love.

Liberty of London Sachets


Liberty of London Sachets

...A shop update on April 1? It’s NO joke!! But it is limited and for a short time… so HURRY!


Playing April Fool’s jokes is so last year! And coincidentally, so was my last shop update! I thought it was time to give you a wee bit of Mireio and start a new April 1st tradition. Gifts not gags! 

And I’m serious about the wee bit part! I’m no longer stocking a full store. My work schedule hasn’t relented: but I’ve missed being creative so I’m making time for small shop updates every 6-8 weeks. Small but mighty. Small but BEAUTIFUL! 

This month’s update is all about Liberty of London. Soft pastel fabrics from the STILE collection (art deco/nouveau themes in blue, salmon pink, green, and yellow) are perfect for this time of year. There are 8 fabric prints to choose from: and you’ll find two handcrafted Art Bear Sachets as well.  

And because I adore you all and to reward your patience and support: I’m creating special gifts with purchase for each of you. Unique, one of a kind, original bits of Mireio just for you when you spend $20 or more.  This month I’ve made these wonderful envelopes from antique sheet music and Liberty of London fabric. Each envelope is unique and includes a Mireio postcard and a tiny lavender sachet (retail: $7.50).  

And if you come LIKE my facebook page, you’ll find an GREAT coupon too!



Shop Update Details:

♥ April 1st: Liberty of London for Spring — Unique Sachets and Gifts featuring Liberty of London fabric. 

♥ Each $20 order (before coupon) will receive a handmade Mireio Gift Package . (fabrics and sheet music WILL vary!) While supplies last.

♥ LIKE Mireio’s FB page and receive a BIG coupon on your order. 

♥ Supplies are very limited. Next shop update is May 13, 2013 


Friends, it’s not too early to be thinking about Mother’s Day. And between the gift with purchase and an amazing coupon, this might be your moment to get something wonderful for the Moms in your life (and treat yourself in the process!) 

Love you all and thank you for your support.