Indulge Your Inner Ghoul


The Dark Side of Mireio has arrived! 


Meet Horatio:  A limited edition Spa and Travel pillow made from the most delightfully ghoulish cotton fabric. Featuring striking skulls in grey and black with sweeping flourishes of roses in Mireio blue. Backed in the softest pinwale corduroy in midnight black. It’s a treat for any soul–dead or alive! Get yours now, they’re only here for the Season and then, well. . .they’ll be dearly departed.

I’ve Got Skulls on My Brain


A bit of inspiration from Alexander Henry. Too bad it’s last year’s print. Finding this stuff has become a real treasure hunt!


It’s only August, but I’ll admit I’ve been thinking about Halloween since May. Eye make-up galore, a decorating palette for your inner ghoul, and loads of chocolate candy because my kid still prefers the all sugar stuff? What’s not to love? 

I spend most of August dreaming up elaborate costumes and porch decorations. Maybe we should choose a theme this year? Maybe we should all dress up and stage a short drama on the porch for trick-or-treaters? I see annimatronics on our lawn. We could do this, people! I’m greeted with shrugging shoulders and blank stares. It’s only August and they don’t want to be thinking about Halloween just yet.

I spend most of September trying to convince my not so enthusiastic family that they want to help me in this yearly scheming. After a month of my constant banter, they see me coming with catalogs and fabric samples and they scatter.  Suddenly, I’m alone. The house is eerily quiet and the only one willing to participate in my madness is the cat. And that’s just because she thinks there could be food in it for her. 

I spend most of October accepting that it’s not going to happen, consoling myself with the fact that at least this year I’ll be handing out full-sized candy bars.  Only to be accosted by a very worried child 5 days before the big night,  “But Mom, I have no costume!”

Funny, I said the same thing in August!

Panic ensues, tears are shed, and then two months of planning takes place in a few short days. We cannibalize last year’s costume, rush to the one store in town that might have a few things left to accessorize, apply and reapply eye make-up galore. Lights are strung, pumpkins are carved, a few cob webs are thrown in for good measure. Then we stand back and survey our work. Judging from the result, you’d never know we hadn’t been planning this since August. 

Lather, rinse, repeat next year.

So, it’s August. And I’m dreaming of Halloween. I’ve abandoned my porch because I know we’ll use last year’s decorations. I’m not even bothering the kid with costume ideas, because he’s already informed me that the over-sized black robe he got last year will serve for at least another Halloween. Instead, I’m anxiously patrolling the interwebs in search of just the right fabric for Mireio to channel her inner Goth. She has eye make-up galore and a decorating palette for your inner ghoul. 

And there might just be candy, too. Full sized  bars if I know Mireio.