Dahlia Inspiration



Hoping to dye some vintage slips in these amazing corals, pink, and deep plum. 

Friday’s Pin: Inspiration

For Friday’s Pin, I usually put up one pin and talk about why I’m inspired by it. But today, I thought I’d share my week in “Pins”. Because I couldn’t choose just ONE. Here we go!


“Mommy” Via Mrs. French. 



 “Don’t forget what a treasures an ordinary day is.” via The Hip Homemaker


pinkflamingos Pink via Dawn


i like to party

 Look Human poster via Laura Rosenberg



 Anna Williams photo via Ez Pudewa


I’m sensing a theme… I think I’ll go paint something blush pink. Happy Friday, friends. Go be p-inspired! 

Imagine the Possibilities



Pretty, no? It’s missing its lid. . . but I’ve found that sometimes, when something is missing it gives you a chance to re-imagine the possibilities. Loss is unavoidable, but it can be creative too. A pot without a lid? Or, a pretty cache for flowers. 


Arabia Jam Pot 1964



~~Nora Ephron: 1941-2012       ~~ via Pinterest

Currently. . .

Look! Tiny baby Golden Orbweavers just hatching in my garden. Aphids, beware! 


My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Tricia, posted this list last week– 

Currently I am:

Obsessing over
Working on
Thinking about
Listening to
Praying for

And I thought I’d take a crack at it today. If you’d like to play along, leave a link to your list in the comments.  My list is below the fold! 

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