life on the coast

Snow Delay

snowdelayDay Seven: Outside on my porch, in the snow, attempting to take photos of these adorable pie crust cookies!


Last night North Coast Oregon and PDX discovered snow. Actually, we’d been told there was a possibility, and it certainly wasn’t an Atlanta scenario (I’d like to think Oregon is prepared for crazy weather!) but my family  wasn’t prepared at all. Geo’s afternoon class at college was cancelled 5 minutes into it: and bringing him home 30 minutes later found IZ slipping and sliding all over the road — and behind a stuck mail truck. 

And it’s not over. We’re expecting another wave of storms tonight and Saturday night. This morning IZ* and I ventured out while there was a break in the weather and the sun was still out to fetch food for the weekend and logs for our wood stove. We’re now stocked to ride out this storm, but that also means by the time I got baking and finished up today there was little light left and no real time to post anything. So, I’m calling a Snow Delay.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a double post, I promise.

Until then, I’m going to go bake pizza and settle in for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games with my family. I hope that you’re all staying safe and warm tonight. Bundle up! 

*speaking of romance: IZ drove me to all my errands today because I’m so nervous to drive these hills in the snow and ice.