living in Astoria

Snow Day




The Universe heard the collective prayers of the children of Astoria: and we woke up to snow today. Even the college kids got the day off. Thank goodness, too, because I was dreading the drive down the hill to get Geo to school. It doesn’t snow enough here to have ever invested in snow gear: and with growing teenage boys, it’s really pointless to do so. 

So, instead of traipsing out in the snow,  we’ve spent the day downstairs, huddled in front of a fire. Which has utterly confused Miss Sophie. At 12, she is a dog with a schedule, and she intends for you to keep it. Eventually, she gives in and joins us on the couch. But not before she’s spent a good hour or so attempting dog telepathy, “Don’t you want to go upstairs?”

It’s been too cold to be in the studio as well. And, let’s face it, sitting in front of a fire all day is just so inviting! So, I created a Flash Sale in honor of the snow today. It’s only good for a few more hours, but you’ll get 25% off of everything in the store. Scoop up a few holiday gifts

As for me, Mireio is winding down for the year. I am anticipating closing the store in the next week or so– in order to spend some time with my family over the holidays. I have big plans for the store coming up in 2014: which I can’t wait to share with you all. Lots of good things on the way! Just like Santa!

But until then, I’m wishing you all a lovely holiday season. If you’re enjoying the snow today, keep warm and bundled up. No frostbite allowed. 


A Big Ol’ YES!

On the first day of Summer I stepped onto my porch and was greeted with this view. And then I went to the dentist. 


It’s the first day of Summer and I’m already wondering where the summer got to! Typically, I start writing my “Things to do this Summer” list in May… but I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my edge, but I just haven’t gotten my stuff together this year.

Not that it matters too much, since my list is typically more aspirational than realistic. But I love the process. The first day of Summer feels a bit like Friday afternoon on steroids. The days and weeks unfold in front of me and anything seems possible. 

Yes, I will get the tangy porch repainted this year.

Yes, I will make jam.

Yes, I will attack the jungle that is our back yard. 

Yes, I’ll keep a list of the books I’ve read and write long dreamy letters to friends and attempt to bake all the things that terrify me.

The first day of Summer is a big ol’ YES!

It’s the beginning of something magical and YES anything seems possible. I have a big ol’ list to prove it.

You know, when I get around to writing it.

Instead, today I went to the Dentist. And that is what happens you don’t plan appropriately. When you forget to seize the moment and command it to your will, er, um, organize your calendar and plan ahead. When the woman at the front desk asks you mid-December when you’d like to come in again, you inadvertently schedule your 6 month cleaning on the first day of summer.

Clearly, I need to start this list making thing much sooner than May!

So, I’ll be writing that list about now. Adding a few more lines to the YES pile. Because, it’s the first day of Summer and really, anything and everything is possible.