Mireio Finds

Cozy Up

This week’s edition of The Best of Etsy is all about getting comfortable and staying that way. It’s cold and rainy out here on the Coast of Oregon, and I’m craving cuddle time. Get inspired by these scrumptiously cozy finds. From warm textured pillows, to lovely cups to hold your favorite hot drink—grab a loved one and snuggle up!

I’ve Got a Crush on You

Speaking of purple, I have a new crush on these gorgeous purply-rose earrings from Ten Things.

Zombie Matryoshka

I’ll confess: I don’t get the matryoshka trend. I love the old vintage pieces; but the super sweet, uber happy, and over the top cute is beyond me! I’m just not hip enough to get it—and it’s not the first trend to elude me. I don’t get owls or The Office, either. However, I’m completely enchanted with this Zombie version. It’s cool and fun and the best spin I’ve seen on this trend. So, get your zombie on! And tell them Mireio sent you.

Nesting dolls with a unique twist by PsandQs


Adorable Halloween cards from Rue Renee. Set of Six for $16. Send a little spooky love today!

Vintage Swedish Bicycle Nameplates

Mireio Finds: How cool are these?