I Love a New Feature

Check out Mireio’s new “About” page! It’s a new feature on Etsy—and I’m kinda smitten with it. 

Smelly Photo Props Make Me Happy

Smelly Photo Props


It’s blooming outside and at Mireio. Which, isn’t news really; Mireio has always been place full of flowers. But the winter garden is devoid of photo prop material and so the listings in the store reflect that.  It’s been a LONG season of product shots without flowers. Sometimes I buy a few blooms to use, but I’ll confess I prefer what’s growing in my garden. (or the garden of the corner dahlia sellers) 

This fabric reminds me of Rainbow Sherbert. Dreamy Buckwheat Hull Pillow at Mireio. 


So, you know when it was time to photograph this pillow I went and cut a bunch of my newest obsession. Cecil Brunner’s are really small roses. Even smaller than spray roses. But for their size, they are fragrant, in that soft musky way tiny roses can be. Cut a bunch of them and they can rival any David Austen

We planted these roses 3 years ago when we put in the arbor and fence in the yard. But this is the first year they’ve run amok like this. Where they’ve put off enough roses I feel like I can cut a bunch without stripping the hedges bare. Which has me scheming. Rose water tonic? Rose tea? Rose petal cupcakes?

The possibilities are endless. But for today, at least, I’m content with my smelly photo props. 


What makes YOU happy? 

Inspired by a Haiku

What I’m currently working on in the studio. More about these little beauties next week—but aren’t they poetic?


Spring morning marvel 
lovely nameless little hill 
on a sea of mist


Have an Awesome Weekend

This is Murphy. . . The awwww quotient on this blog just skyrocketed.


Isn’t he adorable? A customer sent me a tweet last night that said, “Someone looks comfortable on my Wende pillow.” I thought Murphy would be a nice way to wrap up the week and wish you a Happy Friday!  Have an “Awe” filled weekend, friends. See you on Monday. (when, rumor has it, I take a step closer to redeeming the much maligned beet.) 

Work in Progress: Vintage Aprons

Vintage Aprons in Aqua. 


Today I’m working on photographing a few vintage pieces for new listings. These aprons are my favorite so far… in part because they come with a small token from me!  They’re all handmade aprons, so I’m including a handwritten recipe card for Mireio’s famous scones with these adorable vintage aprons. In fact, the vintage aprons are part of my personal collection. It seemed only fitting to let them go with a favorite recipe as well!