Vintage Camisole: Pacific Sunset Ombre


How can you not be inspired by such loveliness? 

It’s been a bit quiet here at Mireio–the end of August is so chock-full. It’s hard not to try to cram in as much “Summer” as possible, right?

Now that it is September, I should be in my studio more often. And I’m slowly ramping up production of fall and winter inspired items. But… not just yet. There’s a wee bit of Summer left to be had, like this amazing vintage camisole that was just listed in Mireio. 



Inspired by the beautiful sunsets we’ve been having, this stunning vintage camisole features an asymmetrical ombre in coral, melon pink, and purple. 

One of a kind–this vintage camisole is the perfect layering piece as you head into fall. Still pretty enough to wear on its own, but it also makes a fabulous layering piece with your favorite cardigan. 

You’ll find this vintage camisole, along with many other hand dyed vintage slips at Mireio


Vintage Full Slip Hand Dyed in Sea Foam Ombre

Vintage Full Slip in Sea Foam Green Ombre

Vintage Full Slip Hand Dyed in Sea Foam Ombre

I LOVE the ombre on this slip. It’s absolutely stunning. This gorgeous vintage full slip begins in a lovely teal that fades to an alluring sea foam green.

Which brings me to the realization I always thought the color “sea foam” was one word: Seafoam. I’m convinced I had a crayon as a child with that name. 

Vintage Full Slip in Sea Foam Ombre

Where was I? 

This slip is an XL — and the bodice of gorgeous lace is perfect for a girl with curves! So many of the slips I find in size 12 and above just don’t meet my standards of “pretty”… so, it’s always fabulous to find a vintage full slip that is both pretty and a wearable size. Every woman, no matter her size, deserves to feel beautiful. And wearing this slip, you truly will feel beautiful! 

Measurements are taken flat, please double where appropriate.

Armpit to Armpit: 19″ (there is a lot of give in the bodice–perfect for a girl with curves)
Upper Waist (beneath bustline):16″
Armpit to hem line: 32″

Looking for a vintage full slip hand dyed to perfection: You’ll find more at Mireio



I want to move into this photo. Wait… I live here.

Mireio is sold out of larger sized vintage slips. I’m working on changing that! I even have a moratorium on adding new small sized slips until I can find and dye more Mediums and Large slips. But, I couldn’t resist dyeing this all cotton slip in Ombre. You know, just to do it. And then it turned out so pretty, I just couldn’t resist listing it. 

I don’t know why larger sized slips are so hard to find. It’s so frustrating. And the few I do find are, well, lacking. They are often sack like and in my head I’m having a conversation with the designer, “You didn’t even try, did you? This is just so pitiful. No woman wants to look like that. You are out!” Said in my best Heidi Klum voice. 

This IS an XS. But trust me, just as soon as I can I’ll list some real women sized slips that real women would want to wear! Maybe even a few in Ombre. 


Oh, and on the subject of Project Runway. What is with Timothy sending his poor model down the runway without hair or make-up. There HAS to be karma coming for making that poor girl cry. Am I right?