This Cleaning Break. . .


. . . Brought to you by pretty peonies.


Now, back to mopping floors and scrubbing toilets. Life if glamourous. . . no? 

Look What Bloomed


Good guess! It’s totally TMI, but I want knickers in this color. 


My lovely pink peonies finally bloomed. And then promptly hit the ground due to weight and rain. Um. Yeah. Kinda forgot to stake them. I planted these peonies in the front yard 3 years ago, and last year they didn’t need staking. So, it didn’t sink in, until I found full blooms dusting the ground, that this year might be different.

Clearly I’m a novice. I love these flowers so much, and after our visit to the peony farm last week, I’m seriously considering adding many more to our (as of yet, un-planted) back yard garden. But, it’s clear I need a little education. So, I did some googling, and darn if there isn’t a lot of information on growing peonies out there. Apparently, it’s a bit of an obsession.

Kinda staked. That’s actually the technical term. 


I did find a FABULOUS site that you must visit if you’re considering adding peonies to your garden. For the name alone, Peony’s Envy is worth a visit. But you’ll find it’s a wonderful resource for all things peonies. From planting advice, to an amazing guide of the various shapes, sizes, and colors available, this site covers it all. There are lots of visuals (which is rare, on gardening websites!) and terrific advice on all things peonies. You can even order online, if you don’t live in the area to visit their gardens. It’s all written in extremely accessible language and I can’t fathom a topic on peonies that the site doesn’t cover.  There is even information about those elusive tree peonies and how best to plant them! 


If you’re sensing a pink theme to our garden, well, your spidey senses would be right. I can’t help myself. Our yard is a large frilly ballerina thing and I love it. 


I’ve  absolutely scoured Peony’s Envy and it’s one of those resources that should be in every gardener’s bookmarks. But I warn you, it’s addictive. The photos are divine and you’ll probably have a wish list a mile long and be cursing me for introducing you. Peonies, they’re the gateway drug to all things beautiful. Enjoy! (and if you live the in the area and can visit Peony’s Envy Farm, tell them I sent you! And take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.) 

Where I’m Confounded by Sunlight

Isn’t this coral peony pretty… and I predict destined for my yard. You know, if I ever get the back-yard dug out properly. 


IZ, bless his hard-working soul, decided to take a break from work on Friday and head into Portland for a little impromptu anniversary celebration. Along the way, we stopped at “Mind Your Ps and Qs” Peony farm in Rainier to take in the farm in its full glory. Everything was blooming and the day was perfect. Warm and sunny and completely confounding. I don’t think one photo I took that day turned out. It’s all an over-exposed mess. 

But I’m going to put up these photos just the same, because the farm is really priceless. And it was such a lovely gesture from IZ, to take me to a flower garden… I loved just being there! I have lots of (questionable) photos, so I’m going to tuck them under the fold. Venture forth! 

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Shop Update: New Liberty of London

Pretty new buckwheat hull pillows in fabulous Liberty of London fabric. 


Handsome has settled into studio life rather well. He sings and plays and, in what I suspect is evidence of his genius, has figured out how to remove the top to his water bowl so he can play in it. Oh, and he loves the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Brilliant bird. 

Yes, we’re calling the budgie Handsome. I know, but honestly, nothing else seemed to fit. And there’s something about seeing your adorable husband lean over the cage and sweet talk to a budgie, “Hey Handsome, hello friend,” that kinda seals the deal. 

I’ve been sewing up a storm (there’s more coming!) and trying to balance all the yard work calling me. Good weather does this to me. That, and $10 peonies at Costco! I haven’t bought any yet, but they have me standing in my yard and saying, “There? Maybe there?” I almost have IZ talked into creating new beds along the front fence line under the pretense that it would mean less yard for him to mow. Heh. I’m wily.  I’m telling you, peonies are yard crack!

But I have managed to come inside and to the sound of bird song (Handsome loves to sing in his food bowl!) work on the new Liberty of London fabrics. Sew, Wende, Sew!


Lavender sachets in the prettiest Liberty of London fabric.


I’m swooning over here. Liberty of London fabric is so beautiful. Photographs never do it justice. And I’m seriously wishing I’d ordered enough yardage to make something for ME. There are new pillows in store (I’m slowly adding them) and lavender sachets. I’m working on eye pillows with flax seed and more lavender sachets this week. I’m hoping by the end of the week to be finished with the Liberty shop update! So, stay tuned.

Just a note on this update: most of these items are limited or one of a kind. I am not adding huge lines of Liberty, instead focusing on more unique listings. 

Ok, back to the machine and the song bird and maybe a run to the pet store for more toys. I mean, the pet store is just across the street from those $10 peonies. And Handsome could use a new peony toy.