Friday’s Pin: Inspiration

For Friday’s Pin, I usually put up one pin and talk about why I’m inspired by it. But today, I thought I’d share my week in “Pins”. Because I couldn’t choose just ONE. Here we go!


“Mommy” Via Mrs. French. 



 “Don’t forget what a treasures an ordinary day is.” via The Hip Homemaker


pinkflamingos Pink via Dawn


i like to party

 Look Human poster via Laura Rosenberg



 Anna Williams photo via Ez Pudewa


I’m sensing a theme… I think I’ll go paint something blush pink. Happy Friday, friends. Go be p-inspired! 

Baby Clothes Tutorials Round-up

Bkellie1Meet my tiny new muse: Barbara Kellie. She’s just 15 months and is already fierce! I can’t wait to sew something to match that little personality of hers. 


Barbara Kellie came for a visit last weekend and since then I’ve been on a pinning spree! She’s an utter delight: more interested in doing than talking. We rolled pie dough — apparently she’s an old hand at that. And we played piano together; her first lesson, she’s already figured out hammer mechanisms. (We have an old player piano that has a sliding glass window into the piano–lots of fun to press keys and see what happens!)  And she tore down block buildings faster than cousin Geo could make them! Busy!!

So, I’m looking to make something that will let her be busy and express her personality. She’s a pretty serious toddler — play is her business. Which means I have my work cut out for me. 

Pinterest to the rescue, eh? I’m leaning toward a simple skirt with a hand painted top –but who knows where my tiny little muse will lead me.  There are so many amazing tutorials and kids’ fashion ideas to be found. It’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few of my favorites. (for more ideas, you can follow me on Pinterest) Continue reading →

Valentine Cookie Round-Up

Day Eight: Who doesn’t love a little Valentine Cookie to nibble? While it might be tempting to grab a box of store bought (those boxes sure sing to me!) if you have the time, these recipes and ideas are worth the effort. And in some cases, there’s not much effort required! So, why not bake up a little love? 

Valentine Cookie Round-Up


Raspberry Lemon Squares by Lick the Spoon. More of a dessert!



I love everything about Ella Claire: and these gorgeous cookies are just the beginning of the goodness on her blog. Easy Strawberry and Cream cookies. 


a pretty cool life


Peanut Butter Blossoms. (photo credit: A Pretty Cool Life) No recipe here: but it’s pretty easy. Top you favorite peanut butter cookie with a chocolate heart. Add the candy fresh from the oven  while the cookies are still warm! 


Classic Linzer cookies. Via Attic Lace. 


pretzel cookies

Learn how to make these cute dipped pretzels. Easy, fun, and so festive. Over on Love from the Oven.

And so good! Easy Valentine’s  Day Cookies. These would be fun to do with the kids! via Family Fresh Meals.



 Fun pinwheel cookies in red and white from The Shine Project.



Sophisticated French Filled Macaroons that are easy to make! via bhg. 



 Completely worth the effort! Heart Sandwich Cookies from Martha. Oh Martha. We love you. 


Want to bake up some love this Valentine’s Day? Follow my pinterest board: Creating Everyday Romance for  more fabulous ideas and recipes. 

Friday’s Pin: Thanksgiving is a Season


Elle Moss Photography via Pinterest. You can find her work on Etsy.

Search “Thanksgiving Decor” on Pinterest and you’ll find pin after pin of tablescapes. Usually elaborate, often featuring fruit and flora not easily found in your regular grocery store. There is a subtle message here: you decorate for the day, for the event. Maybe you put out a few guest towels and spruce up the linens on the bed if you’re expecting guests for the holidays. But, do you really decorate?

I don’t.

Recently in Goodwill hunting for vintage zippers, I couldn’t help but notice: I’m not alone. If donations are any indications, folks out there celebrate Halloween and Christmas; because Thanksgiving decorations were completely absent.

When I dig through our 23 years of assorted holiday decorations I realize the pattern holds. We have boxes of Halloween items: though most of those have seen their better days! A decent collection of Christmas things (although, Halloween STILL out ranks it, if you don’t count Christmas ornaments!) and a measly assortment of old paper crafts our son did years ago for Thanksgiving. Oh, and 3 colored corn cobs strung together with a bit of silk ribbon. 

It’s really pretty ribbon, does that count?

This is pathetic. And I tell myself this every year. I say, “SELF. You love Thanksgiving. It’s not just a day, it’s a SEASON!” And I promise myself that I will decorate. Make seasonal bunting for the porch. Scatter some gourds and leaves about. Think nice thought and write thankfulness notes up on the Note board in the Kitchen.

I’d like to blame the stores for this. Lord knows, I don’t merchandise Mireio for Thanksgiving. It’s hard to think autumn leaves and earthy tones when the glitz and glitter of December is. just. so. close. 

But, that’s not exactly taking responsibility for my actions. It’s not as if decor is all that important. But I’m convinced that creating an environment where Thanksgiving is a season (not just a landing spot between Halloween and Christmas) I’m creating room in my heart to be more thankful as well — pillows and bunting are pretty, but they also serve as a visual reminder to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

It’s a thought. So, I’m using pinterest to get inspired. I’m going to work on being Thankful on the inside and the OUTSIDE. How about you? Do you have any special decorating ideas for this Season of Thanksgiving? 


Friday’s Pin: Water Colored Walls



Gives completely new meaning to painting your walls, right? Source: PhotoWall  Via my Likes page on Pinterest. Sometimes, I just “like” to hang out there… it’s this wild assortment of amazing. 

It’s been quiet around here lately. Remember that post about peonies? I ended up with terribly inflamed lungs from all the exposure to a bleach based cleaner that day — it’s taken weeks to recover. I’m finally feeling better: just in time for a beautiful heat wave (a string of 70+ days = a  heatwave on the coast) and a church free weekend. I’ve cleared my “work” calendar and the weekend feels so promising. 

Of course, it’s Friday — the weekend always feels promising on a Friday, yes? My plan is clean the house today. Don’t worry, I’m sticking to vinegar, hot water, and lemon juice. But after that? It’s wide open! I love that feeling. 

My list of things I could do is huge, HUGE I tell you. And I’m trying to remind myself that it is a list of potential, not a “to-do” list. Pay attention, self! IZ and I still haven’t done anything official for our anniversary (do!). I’m keenly aware that Mireio could use some attention (do!). This weather is too glorious to spend the weekend inside. (do!!!). 

But then I remember that I’ve spent nearly 3 weeks very sick and consequently, I’m way behind on the “get this house painted by September or else” list. I *think* my lungs are clear enough that I could risk painting? And those water-colored walls above are certainly inspirational.

That’s actually wall-paper. And trust me, if our walls weren’t so highly textured (why did I ever think Lathe and Plaster was “romantic”?) I’d be considering this for so many reasons. It’s absolutely stunning. A watercolored wall– gives new meaning to painting your walls, eh?

So, my list: there’s more. I won’t bore you. I’m going to hang onto this feeling of hope for as long as I can. And, if you’re lucky, I’ll post a recipe for the BEST BROWNIES you’ve ever had later in the weekend. 

In the meantime, tell me what’s on your “Hopeful List” this weekend. 


So, the Best Brownies disappeared before I could get a decent photograph. Good thing IZ made some more!