plate spinning

The Plate I’m Spinning





So, last week was my birthday.  And I carved out just a bit of time to make up this skirt for Barbara Kellie. (It’s reversible and has vintage rid rack as trim.)And then… I started spinning the “Youth Director” plate. Hard.

After months of painting, I am *thisclose* to finishing our enormous youth room. I have one more coat of chalkboard paint to apply on one wall and a wee bit of touch-up… and it’s on to the fun stuff: decorating!

I’m really excited for the kids to have a great new hang-out spot at church. Even more excited to get back into the studio and blogging. 

I’ve been dyeing slips when I can and sorting vintage fabric for new lingerie bags. And I’m thinking with the next shop update there might even be some vintage! (Ps, if you want dryer sachets, they’re back in stock right now!)

Very soon, I’m moving on to spinning Mireio’s plate. Can’t wait!! But first I must paint. And stop rhyming. *wink*