New Candles

Wick testing the new candles!


I’ve been a bit absent, haven’t I? I’ll confess, I got focused on deep cleaning my house for the 4th of July and now I’m testing wicks for Mireio’s new candles (coming in August!).  It doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.

This is the first test and I’m utterly pleased to be getting really great burn times! However, I want the best possible life for these candles, so I’m tweaking and testing some more. Then, it’s on to fragrance work. I intend to keep many of Mireio’s signature fragrances, but I’m feeling the urge to introduce something new. (and there will be a few fragrances retired as well!) So, I may not be checking in too much this month. Just know, I’m busy creating amazing new things for the fall launch (and prepping for Mireio’s annual sale!)

Gardenia Soy Candles

Gardenia Perfection! New Gardenia Votives from Mireio.

New Fragrance:

Gardenia! It is about as close to a real Gardenia as possible. Deeply exotic and tropical and floral. This is not for the faint of heart! (Also available in the 4 oz Vintage Inspired Candle)

New Aqua Glass Candles

Brand New: Aqua Glass in the 4 oz size. Gorgeous!!


New to Mireio:

I’m so excited to be showing you these amazing Aqua candles at Mireio. They were part of last week’s surprises, but I’m just now getting sunlight to photograph them. Aren’t they pretty? As always, made from recycled glass and soy wax, so you know your Mireio candle is good for the environment. Wouldn’t these make lovely Mother’s Day gifts?

The 9 oz Vintage Inspired Candle

New to Mireio: Custom choose your fragrance in this lovely 90z Vintage inspired Glass!

Hand-poured in a beautiful vintage inspired Belle glass made from 40% recycled glass. Eco friendly never looked so lovely. This is substantial glass–you’ll notice the difference when you hold it. Softly tinted in the palest of bottle green, it reminds me of sea glass. Made from earth friendly Soy wax and custom poured with a cotton wick. With proper care you shouldn’t have issues with smoking. This 9 oz candle will give you 75+ hours of burn life. When finished, you can reuse this lovely glass as a votive holder:


Framboise Noire — Black Raspberry
La Mer — Ocean
Lemon and Neroli: Luscious Meyer Lemon with a hint of Neroli
Love Spells — Autumn Blackberry
Love Spells — Dark Chocolate
Love Spells — Tahitian Vanilla
Sucre — Sugar
Sweet Bourbon — Soft, sweet, and buttery
True Love — Clean Ozone scent
Vanilla Sandalwood
Yuzu — Japanese Grapefruit