Thrifting: Jadite and Coral

I was rewarded for venturing out in this deluge! I found this amazing Jadite batter bowl and some lovely textiles. The woman who rang me up at the register could not stop telling me what a find the bowl is. I couldn’t agree more! (And yes, it will be in store soon!)¬†



I’m smitten with the new cuff bracelets at Anthropologie. Smitten until I consider the price tag, gulp! There is something about the beaten metal, almost abstract beauty that puts an edge to this spring’s fascination with lace. Who doesn’t love lace? But it helps to ground all that froth with something earthy. If the price tag of the real thing puts you off, Etsy is a treasure trove of economical finds. And your local thrift might just surprise you!

A: (In photo) Four Corners Cuff: Anthropologie. $198

B: Modern Masterpiece Cuff. Anthropologie. $138

C:  Vintage Brass Cuff: Make It on Etsy. $15

D: Found at a local thrift store: not quite a cuff, but you can’t argue with $3