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Store Update: Inspired by Roses



Inspired by roses: Gorgeous Vintage Rose Ombre Half Slip: Now at Mireio. 

I hope you’re having a lovely St. Patrick’s Day. I’m just popping in to let you all know there are new, GORGEOUS vintage slips in Mireio. Each hand dyed in lovely shades with floral inspirations.  




As well, I’ve added more vintage housewares! It’s going quickly, but there are still lots of sweet, romantic finds for your home. Like this amazing vintage rose flat sheet and pillow case. 




And you can now also purchase Mireio’s signature Rose Postcards at Mireio.  Scoop them up soon, before they sell out. I’m retiring this print and will be sending out a newer postcard in the future! 

Vintage Slips in the Window


In pretty winter light.

I’ve been working on hand dyeing 3 vintage slips this week. I’m getting close to listing them, I’m just down to writing up the actual listing on etsy.  So consider this your sneak peek of what’s coming. 

I love this photograph of them lined up in the window. I don’t typically use the “art” shots in my listings, since people need to see the product and we’re limited on photos. But I’m always tempted to. It’s a personal opinion thing, but I much prefer photos of items in settings: I’ll admit I buy into the story being told. 

Because who doesn’t love a good story? It can sometimes be difficult to tell one in a product shot AND really show the product. So, I usually opt for the photos that give you the best look at my wares. But… oh… the wispy, romantic, airy photos sing to me. Someday, I’ll produce a catalog, y’all. Until then… I guess I’ll just keep telling stories on the blog. 




I want to move into this photo. Wait… I live here.

Mireio is sold out of larger sized vintage slips. I’m working on changing that! I even have a moratorium on adding new small sized slips until I can find and dye more Mediums and Large slips. But, I couldn’t resist dyeing this all cotton slip in Ombre. You know, just to do it. And then it turned out so pretty, I just couldn’t resist listing it. 

I don’t know why larger sized slips are so hard to find. It’s so frustrating. And the few I do find are, well, lacking. They are often sack like and in my head I’m having a conversation with the designer, “You didn’t even try, did you? This is just so pitiful. No woman wants to look like that. You are out!” Said in my best Heidi Klum voice. 

This IS an XS. But trust me, just as soon as I can I’ll list some real women sized slips that real women would want to wear! Maybe even a few in Ombre. 


Oh, and on the subject of Project Runway. What is with Timothy sending his poor model down the runway without hair or make-up. There HAS to be karma coming for making that poor girl cry. Am I right? 



New for Valentine’s 2011

Another sneak peek of Valentine’s 2011. I’m getting excited!