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Lavender Sachets: Small Holiday Gifts

lavender sachets

 A vintage mother of pearl accents this charming lavender sachet set. 


Lavender Sachets make great gifts! 

This week I’ve been working on adding lavender sachets to Mireio. Lavender sachets make lovely gifts — and I want to make sure there are plenty to choose from for the holidays. Right now, I’m adding these amazing “mini” sachets — at “mini” prices to boot. This lavender sachet set features a stunning vintage Mother of Pearl Button and a tiny embroidered pagoda. Made with fragrant lavender — these sachets are backed in vintage Brunschwig and Fils cotton. 




Or you can choose this charming set of vintage feedback sachets. Five tiny, but powerful, sachets created from vintage textiles in a gorgeous indigo palette.  Mireio sachets are always filled with the most fragrant lavender from Provence. 

I’ll be adding tiny sachets all week –so check back for even more new items.

Mark your calendar: Later next week there will be new standard sized sachets, just in time for the holidays. 


Organic Laundry: Lavender Dryer Sachets

lavender dryer sachets


Organic Laundry: Lavender Dryer Sachets

I’m so excited to be shipping off these amazing lavender dryer sachets to a new customer today. Made from vintage sheets and fragrant lavender from Provence, each of these sachets will gently scent your laundry for at least 20 loads. Just give your lavender sachet a gentle squeeze between each load and experience the luxury of softly scented laundry. 

You can find these amazing lavender dryer sachets at Mireio. 

Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow

Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows


Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow: Featuring Vintage Wilendure


These dogwoods are utterly romantic. I love this print so much–and the fabric is ridiculously soft. Perfect for sweet dreams or traveling to your favorite destination.  Backed in the most charming pink Oakshott cotton, this soothing travel pillow is a feast for all of your senses. 

This gorgeous travel pillow is filled with Mireio’s signature blend of buckwheat hulls and fragrant lavender from Provence. Find this and other Travel Pretty Pillows in my store. 


New Packaging for Vintage Candles

Pretty in Pink! Lovely vintage candle featuring Dark Chocolate Passion fragrance—now comes in a wonderful (and one of a kind) vintage textile bag. Made from vintage barkcloth from the 1940’s and accented with a bit of “passion” in linen. Drawstring close and perfect for storing your candle when it’s not in use. . . or some other treasure you’re passionate about.

Vintage Candles are by definition, unique. Each glass and fragrance pairing is special and often one of a kind. Doesn’t that deserve equally special packaging? So, I’m  excited to introduce these lovely handmade bags for Mireio’s Vintage Candle line. Always made from beautiful vintage textiles and in limited or one of kind numbers, it’s just an extra dash of special. . . or as I like to think of it, an extra dash of “Mireio.”

And stay tuned! Mireio’s Spa Tumblers will be getting a special touch too. . .  very soon!