Fresh Vintage: Monkey Pod and Mid Century Linens

Fresh Vintage: Monkey Pod and Mid Century Linens


Fresh Vintage!

I hope you had an amazing weekend. Mireio certainly did. There’s a fresh batch of vintage that’s just been added to the store. Lots of mid century Monkey Pod bowls and vintage linens to be found. Hurry, it’s all one of a kind and you’ll want first dibs!


Vintage Juice Glasses



Pretty glasses in the window: Vintage Etched Juice Glasses 


The shop update at Mireio continues. I’ll be adding new things all week. The weather is a bit grey: so photos aren’t what I want them to be. But just as soon as the sunshine comes back, I’ll reshoot. Until then, these pictures do have a sense of mystery about them, no? 

ps: I’m swooning over these little Tulip shaped glasses. I think they’d be perfect for brandy! (or Bourbon, don’t tell.) 


A Romantic Home: Shop Update

I’m so excited: Vintage is back at Mireio! I’m collecting romantic housewares for your romantic home. New additions all week! Shop now at: A Romantic Home

Imagine the Possibilities



Pretty, no? It’s missing its lid. . . but I’ve found that sometimes, when something is missing it gives you a chance to re-imagine the possibilities. Loss is unavoidable, but it can be creative too. A pot without a lid? Or, a pretty cache for flowers. 


Arabia Jam Pot 1964


Take Your Son to Work Day

Geo and I are off to The World’s Longest Garage Sale. Look, I’m buggy-eyed with excitement!!