Thrifting: Jadite and Coral

I was rewarded for venturing out in this deluge! I found this amazing Jadite batter bowl and some lovely textiles. The woman who rang me up at the register could not stop telling me what a find the bowl is. I couldn’t agree more! (And yes, it will be in store soon!) 

Tea Tins and Roses

Vintage Tea Tin + Party Colored Roses = My Favorite Floral Arangement


Vintage Tins are thrift store staple. You can usually find them for a couple of dollars—typically a bit dinged and scratched, but that just adds to the charm. Newer tea tins will work too; I especially love Harney and Son’s Tea tins. The tea is amazing and the tins are so pretty, I use them all around the house! 

Tip: Most Tea tins aren’t water tight. But you can easily protect your furniture by using a zip lock baggie as a water proof liner.  You won’t want the zipper part but basic plastic bags are too flimsy to work. Just set the bag into your tin and cut at 3/4″ above the edge. Fill with water and arrange your flowers. 

In Progress

Working on Mireio’s Summer Cottage Collection available early June.

Vintage La Mer Back in Stock

Vintage La Mer — Back in Stock!


This stunning Mireio Soy Candle is back in stock, but for a limited time. This is the last candle of a limited edition! It’s utterly gorgeous and beautifully paired with Mireio’s signature Ocean scent “La Mer.”  It makes a lovely addition to any room, crating tranquil light reflections as it burns —and the fragrance is sure to transport you to your favorite beach! Enjoy.

New Lingerie Bags

New Art Lingerie Bag: Romantic Interlude. One of a kind and perfect for any bride. Exclusively at Mireio


The weekend graced the north coast with a bit of sun on Friday and Saturday. So, IZ and I made the most of it and blitzed through our very overgrown yard. But I’m hoping to be in the studio most of this week, working on new lingerie bags.

I have to say, I’m very excited about these new lingerie bag. I really enjoy doing one of a kind work—I start out with a huge stack of my favorite vintage fabrics, laces, beads, and buttons. And before I’m done, there’s a huge creative mess on my table. . . I do messy really well! It’s also lovely to envision Mireio being part of someone’s big day. The first bag, Magic Carpet Ride, sold to a very sweet bride who is getting married this weekend. I will be wishing her well as she starts her new life —and that’s certainly inspiration to create more of these stunning lingerie bags.

So, off to make a mess I am! But I’ll be back through the week to share my progress and some surprises along the way. (hint: there’s new glass coming to Mireio!) Stay tuned!