Vintage Glassware Candles Return

Framboise Noire Set of Vintage Glassware Votives. $18


Vintage Glassware Candles:

In very, very limited quantities, Mireio’s line of Vintage Glassware Candles is back. Only as I find suitable glassware and in hand-selected fragrances. I am not planning a full launch of these candles, so if you see something you love, please shop early.

Vintage Slips Now Available

Vintage Slips have arrived at Mireio. Hand-dyed, one of a kind, featuring handmade millinery blooms. Treat yourself to some Romance today!

Ooh La La

Coming soon… (just as soon as the sun makes an appearance out here on the edge of the world!) Gorgeous hand-dayed vintage slips adorned with equally stunning handmade millinery blossoms. Utterly divine. One of a kind. Completely Mireio. Stay tuned! (for more peeks, check out the Mireio Fan page on Facebook!)

Two Tickets to Paris


This is a test post of sorts! I’m planning on bringing back the much beloved, “The Best of Etsy” each week. However, instead of importing each photo with links, I’ll be using Etsy’s treasury function. It will speed up the process and allow you to click directly on the image and go to the item for sale on Etsy. Hopefully, this will mean more exposure for the lovely artists of etsy AND more of The Best of Etsy! 😀

See, isn’t 2011 off to a glorious start?


I’ve Got a Crush on You

Speaking of purple, I have a new crush on these gorgeous purply-rose earrings from Ten Things.