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Why I Love: Gogovivi


Camellia by Gogovivi

Gogovivi makes the most amazing handbags. Kiley is one of those artists who just has the touch. Her work is stylish, timeless, and always elegant. And who wouldn’t want a status bag that’s completely handmade?  So, forget the Birkin or the Louis Vuitton. . . Make mine Gogovivi. It’s affordable luxury with the handmade touch; which is reason enough to love Gogovivi.

Lavender Sachets — More Than Just Pretty


Shop Mireio’s collection of Lavender Sachets made with Gorgeous Vintage Fabrics

Lavender is soothing and relaxing and fragrant. Tucking a sachet into your sweater drawer keeps all your woolen smelling lovely and fresh. But, it also keeps the bugs away. You know, those pesky little moths that like to chomp, chomp, chomp holes into your sweater. Which makes Lavender more than just a pretty face!

My knitting friends also tell me that Mireio sachets work wonders with their yarn stash. So, give a sachet with the next skien you gift or sweater you give — sweet, practical, fragrant, appreciated!

Why I Love: Malam


Fabulous Snap Skinny Scarf by Malam

I’ve featured Malam on The Best of Etsy in the past—but when Marie photographed her father modeling this fabulous Snap Skinny Scarf,  I fell in love with her store all over again. He’s dashing! It’s wonderful to see a mix of models, and it only goes to demonstrate just how versatile Malam’s work is. Which is a very big reason why I love Malam!

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Why I Love: Ten Things


A little luxury for you at Ten Things

Ten Things offers tiny luxuries that any girl can afford. It’s all beautifully styled and photographed, browsing through this online store is like taking a walk through a lovely little boutique, while still in my PJs. PLUS, she offers free shipping and gift wrap (upon request). It’s all about affordable luxury and that’s why I love Ten Things!

(and take a peek at Kerri’s gorgeous blog too!)

photo used for promotional purposes only. Do not copy! Be the original YOU are!