The Best of Etsy — Back to School

It’s hard to believe, but it’s Back to School time already. Some of you are already hitting the books hard. Where did our summer go? I thought I’d pull together my top choices for School Supplies. Because next to buying new  clothes, this is the best part of heading indoors for an education!

The Best of Etsy — 26 August 2009 — The Back to School Supply List

(Links to photos shown Left to Right)

I used to live to buy a new binder each year. But, I never had one this cool! Eco Binder by Urbanposture

A snappy place to keep all those pencils or your lip gloss. Pencil Case by bhive

Just because they’re at school, doesn’t mean they have to use paper! Reusable Napkins by PinkDixie

My mom used to send me to school on a cold day with a thermos of my favorite soup! Vintage Lunch Bag with Thermos by Good Vintage (if you’re looking for other lunch box ideas, I have several marked in my favorites list that didn’t make TBOE today, but are worth looking at!

I promise to be good to the trees too! Fabulous Side Satchel by Burlap Works

For all you teachers out there–why not brighten your desk up a bit with amazing Pencil cup by Louche Lab

Send your sweetie off to school with a love note tucked into their lunch! Butterfly Love Notes by I Love Dielines

Very tiny and very cool notebooks to scribble all your secret thoughts about that boy who sits next to you in Algebra. Pocket Notebooks by The Black Apple

Give your computer a new “back to school” frock. Laptop Sleeve by Lollington

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